Camera Catches Pizza Delivery Driver Saving 90-Year-Old Woman's Life After She Fell On The Ground

Mar 28, 2023 by apost team

Being left alone at home can be scary. It is especially scary for children or older people to be left alone. For one, some children might not be ready yet to navigate challenges on their own should they get into an accident. Some older people, on the other hand, might no longer have the same strength as they did in the past to get through a fall. 

And while it’s scary enough just thinking about it, the reality is these things can happen – and it’s better to be prepared than regret not doing anything later. Then again, there’s another hard truth: no matter how hard people try to keep their families safe while away, some things are beyond anyone’s control. But thankfully, there are people who come into other people’s lives at the right moment and at the right time to become real-life superheroes. 

But what are the chances of that person being a delivery driver for a pizza chain? Well, believe it or not, a man who was delivering pizza helped an elderly woman after she was found on the ground following an accident.

In March 2023, a 90-year-old woman with dementia named Annie Goshen decided to step out of her house. Unfortunately, she fell and landed on a rock while picking flowers.

But as if he was sent to save Goshen, a pizza delivery driver named Joey Herrera immediately came to help after he saw her lying on the ground.

“I knew I couldn’t get back up by myself, and I looked up and he was driving down, and I motioned for him to come, and he came to pick me up,” Goshen said. “I don’t know what I would’ve done without him,” Goshen told Newsbreak.

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Goshen’s daughter PJ Steele said her mom might have stayed there for a long time had the delivery driver not found her right away because no one passes through their house that often. Plus, no one was there during the time it happened.

“Had he not been there, there’s no telling how long she would’ve laid there because where the house is here, we are on a dead-end street, and I don’t think anybody would’ve seen her,” Steele told WESH2.

Steele got even more worried because her mom had scissors in her hand at that time. “She also had scissors in her hand, and you know she could’ve fallen on the scissors,” Steele said.

For Herrera, he simply knew he was there for a reason.

“I knew I was there for a purpose, so I hopped out my car, car was in neutral, and I threw everything where I had it,” Herrera said.

Not only did Herrera help Goshen get back up, but he also walked her inside the house, called the paramedics, and stayed with her until they arrived.

Steele saw how Herrera cared for her mom while they were inside the house, as there were security cameras installed.

“He just held her hand, and they talked and hugged, I was just very touched,” Steele said.

While there are a lot of people praising him for his actions, Herrera said he believes he only did what was right.  

“I did what anybody in their right mind would do when they see someone in need,” Herrera said.

Herrera received a $350 reward on top of a bonus from his boss from Westshore Pizza, according to Inside Edition. Now, Goshen’s family is calling Herrera an “angel in a baseball cap” – and rightly so!

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