Camera Captured Golden Retriever Mom Coming To Comfort Puppy That Can't Locate Her

One family who had their living room's security camera focused on their new puppies in 2016, caught a glimpse of a very special moment between mother and child. It was a moment when Jimbo the puppy couldn't find his mom and her sweet reaction.

The video starts with a scene of eight little Golden Retriever puppies in a living room pen. It's a comfy little square that lets their mom come and go as she pleases, but still keeps the puppies inside. The video's description says the puppies are two weeks old, and at that point in their young lives, they are only crawling around a little bit and can't see much.

One little puppy named Jimbo seems to be separate from the crowd and he suddenly starts squealing.

His mom hears his little pleas and enters the pen, walking towards a spot where she can lay down and the pups can come to her. Clearly she thought that included Jimbo too.

But his squeals just get louder and louder when he panics, not being able to cuddle up with mom. His siblings seem chill about the entire ordeal but their mom realizes Jimbo needs a little bit more help.

She strolls over to the other corner of the pen so that the squealing puppy can't avoid her, and reunites with her tiny baby. Finally, the entire family is happy and cozy, and they all settle in for a rest.

Watch the video of the little episode below, and be sure to have your sound on:

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