Calling All Men! This Is What Women Really Want!

We women have many strengths and one of them is definitely being able to express what we want well. But sometimes we find it difficult to define exactly what we really expect from our partner. Of course, a man should take care of our needs. But how can a man be expected to read our minds? This article takes a closer look at the things we women want from men.


9. Be proud of us!

Every single one of us wants our partner to be proud of us and vice versa. We want our man to accept us as we are. Small mistakes and weaknesses and all. Dear men, we wish you would appreciate our efforts in the relationship. Be proud of us, just as we are!


8. Protect us!

No, we do not mean that we want to be financially secure through you. But that you protect us emotionally and pay attention to our feelings. We women want our partners to understand when we do not feel good. Catch us when we fall! It is important that you understand what occupies us deeply.


7. We deserve your attention!

We see our partner as a part of us with whom we have been through a lot - they are the most important person in our life. We want to know we're their priority and they'll give us attention because that's what we give to our partners.


6. Talk to us!

And about everything! Unlike us, men have real difficulties expressing themselves. But communication is the secret to every healthy relationship. We women expect you to speak with us. About your fears, worries and your anger. Only when you talk, will you gain control of all your issues!


5. We need space sometimes!

We often think a lot and reflect about ourselves. That's why we need a little me-time. It has nothing to do with you. We love our partners. Sometimes we just need new energy. And, dear men: We come back stronger and happier and that gives the relationship renewed strength.


4. Lead us when we cannot!

In a relationship, both have the same rights and most of us can take care of our own well-being. We are smart and independent. But we also need a partner who can take responsibility when we're struggling. Be our life raft when we go down and our safe haven during a storm!


3. We long for intimacy!

Yes, we need intimacy! Mentally, emotionally and physically. Pay attention to our signals because we want you to understand it without words and realize what needs we really have in the moment. Just be sensitive!


2. Be thoughtful!

It is difficult to recognize other's needs. But in a relationship, one should always be mindful and appreciate their partner. Consider what we need, what we like, what we can't stand and what is it that drives us?


1. Accept that we are not perfect!

Every human wants to be accepted as they are. We women especially expect this from our partner! We know that we are not perfect. So love us the way we are and love the woman hiding behind her façade of make-up and fancy clothes. We long for love that gets under your skin!


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