California Fires Destroy Horse Rescue Sanctuary But Twenty Four Horses On Ranch Survive Miraculously

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

When a regional crisis occurs, it is not only homeowners and residents who suffer from the circumstances. Wildlife and domesticated animals are some of the most vulnerable populations in these instances yet are some of the most overlooked. As wildfires in California rage out of control, horses at a local ranch became a nearby target of this fury. Owners and volunteers at Hyslop Horse Haven in California feared the worst when it seemed like the wildfires were drawing near and time to get the rescue horses out of this sanctuary was not on their side.

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Opening the ranch over 20 years ago, Patty Hyslop has found a home at Hyslop Horse Haven. After suffering from multiple sclerosis, this owner found solace in rescuing and rehabilitating neglected horses, reports ABC 10 San Diego. While her sanctuary has missed out on most wildfire threats, the most recent Valley Fire destroyed the sanctuary but spared the lives of 24 of her beloved rescue horses. After Hyslop was forced to leave the sanctuary due to the impending fire, there was little time to put efforts in place to move the horses out of their home. After all, the fire spread so quickly that many residents did not have enough time to react accordingly, making it more dangerous.

Fearing the Worst

Although Hyslop escaped before the fires overtook the area, she was very worried about her horses and how they would fear. Feeling regret and an overwhelming sense of responsibility for these animals, Hyslop dreaded returning to the sanctuary where she was sure she would find her rescue horses injured or deceased. Crediting the horses for her treatment and desire to keep on going, Hyslop could not imagine anything terrible happening to them.

A Surprising Discovery

As the last to leave the facility, Hyslop could not contain her grief in having to leave her 24 rescue horses behind, adds ABC 10 San Diego. Yet, at commands from authorities who told her she, herself, would perish if she did not act quickly, Hyslop hesitantly left her horses behind and sought shelter elsewhere. Upon return, Hyslop found a miracle in waiting.

The first had stopped at the edge of the paddock, the blackened ground being a sign of how dangerously close the wildfires were to taking her horses away from her. Astonishingly, none of the horses were injured and most of the stables were still intact.

While there are other buildings that need some work and repairs that need to be made, most of the sanctuary went untouched. What really mattered to Hyslop, and most of us, are the horses.

Thankfully, these wonderful creatures who have already endured so much came away unscathed, and that is all that we could have asked for. What do you think? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to send it on to a friend. 

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