Cake Artist Leslie Vigil Bakes Beautiful Cakes And Makes Them Look Like They’re Embroidered

Leslie Vigil is a cake decorator who has a very special talent. She has been amazing customers for years with buttercream creations that are extremely unusual to see.

At the moment, Leslie has about 150,000 Instagram followers who cannot wait to see her latest design. She is a trendsetter in the cake decorating industry for sure. Her latest adventure, the tapestry cake, is an amazing creation that we can't help but adore.

The currently 34-year-old Leslie Vigil went to a cake decorating class with her mother when she was just a child. From then on, the young girl was smitten with the idea of cake decorating. Design Boom reports that she even attended a very prestigious school – Le Cordon Bleu. It was here that she learned to specialize in both cakes and pastries.

However, finding a job after school was over proved to be more difficult than she thought.

That is why Leslie decided to combine her already acquired knowledge with anything new that she could learn. She watched and learned from other cake decorators for some time before taking that knowledge to Corona, California.

It was here that she was finally able to land a job at a place called Tasteful Cakes.

Leslie started to bring cakes to life with her incredible buttercream creations. Her skills and visions work together to create stunning cakes that are truly an amazing thing to see.

The "tapestry" cakes are her newest creation. Leslie uses a delicate piping technique that makes her cakes look as though they were embroidered. They are bright, stunning, and truly unique in every way possible.

Leslie uses stylized flowers and symmetrical patterns that she comes up with on her own. The simple designs of the cakes give them a very "folksy" feel. Some of the designs even remind customers of traditional Mexican folk dresses. Leslie also credits Russian stitch work in her many cake designs. She explains that she enjoys putting together textile traditions from various cultures.

Leslie first implemented her embroidery stitching idea when she was given the task of designing a "smash cake" for her young niece's first birthday according to My Modern Met. You can see the stitch-like embellishments when you look at the "1" at the top of the cake. The results are both visually stunning and delicious.

We certainly can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!

Check out the video below:

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