Bus Driver Suspended For Allowing A Monkey To Steer

Many people enjoy taking their dogs on car rides with them, but these pets are obviously passengers in the vehicle. One bus driver in India took the common practice of bringing pets on the road with them to an extreme when he put a monkey passenger behind the wheel of a loaded bus.

The monkey entered the bus at a scheduled stop, and this monkey refused to sit anywhere other than in the driver’s seat. The bus driver, M. Prakash, allowed the monkey to climb onto his lap and to control the steering wheel of a moving bus.

This bus had up to 30 passengers on it at the time, and the monkey was behind the wheel and controlling its movement through town for approximately ten minutes.

While the monkey steered the bus, Prakash maintained control of the bus’s acceleration and braking.


This event, which took place in Davangere, was captured on someone’s smartphone. This passenger posted the footage online, and the video understandably went viral.

After all, how often do you see a monkey driving a bus full of passengers through busy city streets?

When officials at the city’s transportation department saw the video, they quickly suspended the driver citing the safety of bus passengers.

The response of viewers online varied dramatically. Some online viewers stated that the monkey was adorable or commented that it was nice that local officials did not try to kill or capture the monkey.

Others were less than thrilled with what they saw. Some statements talked about the bus driver’s lack of consideration for public safety, and others seemingly warned the bus driver to be cautious or the monkey would replace him behind the wheel.

You can check out the footage here and form your own opinion.

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