Bullied Girl Transforms Into Beautiful Woman After Shaving Her Face & Getting Married To Her True Love

Nov 03, 2023 by apost team

The moment a child is born, it brings an unexplainable joy to a family. Regardless of what they look like, most parents accept their babies and support them with what they want in life. However, this doesn’t shield the child from life’s challenges.

This is what happened to a girl named Supatra Sasuphan, better known as Natty, who was dubbed the “world’s hairiest girl” due to her medical condition. According to an article published by CGRN in June 2019, a woman named Sompon and her husband Samrerng were thrilled to welcome Natty on Aug. 5, 1999, but right after she came out of her mother’s womb, the doctor informed them that “she had lots of hair.”

Initially, Sompon thought it was all normal, but when she got the chance to peek at the baby in the incubator, she was “shocked that she had so much hair.”

Natty’s case was unlike any other as the growth of her hair covered almost her entire body except her feet soles, palms and mucous membranes. The outlet noted that the girl has a condition called Ambras syndrome which is a rare congenital skin disease.

Since the Middle Ages, there have only been 50 recorded cases of the said medical condition. 

There have been studies about Ambras syndrome through the years, but doctors believe the reason why this condition happens to a person is because of a spontaneous mutation in the DNA sequence.

At school, Natty had a hard time socializing with other children at first, but her teacher, Kuljira Posaeng, said in a February 2012 Today article that she was able to blend in with other kids. 

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In addition, Natty excelled in her studies and even liked to act, dance, and sing, which led other teachers to describe her as “very lively.”

At the time of the interview, the girl said she aspired to be a doctor in order to help other people who are sick and injured, and she also wanted to treat her mother, father and relatives. Unfortunately, due to her unique physical appearance, she was bullied and other people even called her names.

“There were a few people who used to tease me and call me monkey face but they don't do it any more,” she said, per Daily Mail.

Regardless of her medical condition and what she looked like, Natty was proud of the way she was, as she told Today: “It’s the way I am… I don’t even think about it.”

In 2010, Natty was named the world’s "hairiest teenager" by Guinness World Records, and it made her feel special.

“Being hairy makes me special… This the happiest day of my life!” she said upon accepting the award. 

Less than a decade after she made a buzz and received the world record, Natty decided to shave her face for the first time ever as she got married to the “love of her life” in 2018. According to an article published by the Daily Mail at the time, Natty has been married to her unnamed partner, and she constantly posts their photos on social media.

In one post, the outlet noted one of her captions that read, “You're not just my first love, you're the love of my life.”


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