Bulldog Gets Introduced To His New Kitten Sibling For The First Time

When the owners of a gentle bulldog introduced him to his new kitten sibling he knew that he had found a new friend.

A baby tabby cat seems like a strange companion for a bulldog but when this bulldog met its new kitten sibling, the two were inseparable. At first, the two tentatively exchanged glances as they walked around one another in the hallway where they met. Then, they were quickly sniffing at one another, trying to learn as much as possible about such a strange new creature.


Soon, the two had bonded. The kitten even gifted the dog with the ultimate cat friendship sign: the head butt! If you’ve ever watched two cats on good terms or have been lucky enough to be the recipient of a head butt, you know that the kitten had developed a deep bond with the bulldog. The two unlikely companions had now become fast friends.

What do you think of this bulldog and kitten pairing? Do you have any animal companions that have become friends? Perhaps you have two pets that are quite the opposite and actively vie for your attention! Introduce us to your animals’ antics here or through your own social media site to spread a little furry love and joy.