Bull Has Had A Life Of Imprisonment And Is Finally Freed

Many of us realize that commercial farm animals do not live the best lives. However, that does not stop most people from enjoying a hot dog or hamburger whenever they can. When you see the reaction of a bull that is given his freedom, you may change your mind about how you view animals. You may even become a vegetarian.

Many people have watched videos that show animals being treated inhumanely in order to bring meat to the supermarket. Again, that still doesn't stop a lot of adults from eating meat. Could a video really change the mind of a person who loves a good steak? We are betting that this one could. Watching an animal enjoy their freedom after being confined for years is enough to make us reconsider our stance on eating meat.


Animal rescuers came across a bull that had spent his whole life inside a barn. The rescuers were able to unchain the animal and then led him out of the sad, cramped room. After naming him Bandit, they were happy to set him free. But this happy bull wasn't content with just walking calmly away. Bandit is eager to enjoy his freedom as much as he possibly can. Bandit immediately began to run around the barn, jumping and frolicking in the fresh air and sunlight. He couldn't believe that he finally had the chance to get out of the barn and into the sun.

Rescuers then load the happy bull into their truck. While he may not realize it yet, the bull was off to a place where he would never be confined again. After arriving at his new home, Bandit is greeted by more space and room to run. He makes the most of it for sure- jumping for joy in his new living area. Bandit will always have plenty of space to run and play at his new home. He will never have to live in such cramped quarters again. The bull even walks over to his rescuers and gives them an amazing amount of affection. It is like he knows what they have done for him. Are you ready for some tears? Grab a tissue and watch the heartwarming video below: 

According to rescuers, all of the cows in the barn were later saved. We love this video so much! Let us know your thoughts on meat consumption below, and then pass this along to others.