Budget For Valentines Day With This Tricky Math Brainteaser Can You Get 3/3?

Hearts, roses, champagne, chocolate, and teddy bears - it is that time of year again when love is all around! 

These crazy equations contain some Valentine's Day essentials, as well as a fair bit of algebra! It should be pretty easy, right? Well have a look and see what you think...

Problem 1:


Problem 2:

Problem 3:

Do you think you have figured it out? No? Well, we have two tips for you before you give up! 

  1. Make sure that you have noticed the 'x' signs and do not mistake them for '+' signs.
  2. Did you notice that in some equations there are double items instead of singles? So, you have to half or double the values that you figured out in the previous equations. 

Does that help? Have you figured it out now or are you still stumped? Ok, 1 final tip:

Remember BIDMAS? It stands for brackets; indices; division; multiplication; addition; and subtraction and it means that you have to multiply or divide before you add or subtract. 

Have you got it now? Tell us your answer in the comments and then you can check your answer with the solutions below. 

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

Solution 3:

Did you get them all right? 


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