Brother With Down Syndrome Approaches Queen's Guard Brother But A Sudden Reaction Sends Him Running

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Sam was eager to visit his brother Jack and get a look at his job. Jack's job is a very important one, and Sam was thrilled to get to see him in action. This job tour is one that Sam will probably remember for the rest of his life.

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Sam's younger brother Jack is part of the Queen's Guard.

He works hard protecting the royal family at the famous Windsor Castle in London. Sam is quite proud of his brother Jack, and couldn't wait to see him performing his duties. Sam has Down syndrome, so Lt. Bragger and Sgt. Baggot-Moore carefully filled him in on the do's and don't's of visiting with a Queen's Guard soldier while on duty, as seen on The Specials. Sam was eager to follow these instructions, and he did a great job.

Sgt. Baggot-Moore, Lt. Bragger, and Sam approached a soldier wearing a big, black fur hat and gray coat, which is the standard winter uniform. The soldier, Jack, stomped firmly to acknowledge the group. This made Sam break out in a smile from ear to ear. After a quick photo op with his soldier brother, Sam went back with the others to wait for Jack to finish his shift on duty.

Queen's Guard soldiers are limited by their orders in how much they move or respond to those who come to visit with them.

It may come as a surprise to some people that these elite guards are, in fact, allowed to move and even react to onlookers while on duty. They do, however, work hard to maintain a stoic persona while on duty, even in the face of heckling. It's not a job for the faint of heart, or for someone who lacks stamina and self-control. For Jack to be chosen for this duty is truly an impressive honor and a sign of good character.

Jack's facial expression is steadfast and sober as Sam approaches him for a photo. This lack of overt emotion is just a part of Jack's guard duty, not a lack of interest or concern for his brother. Every 10 minutes during his two-hour guard shift, like clockwork, Jack performs specific maneuvers required of the Queen's Guard soldiers.

The next time he saw Jack stomp his foot Sam ran, laughing, over to Jack's fellow soldiers who had brought him over for the visit. After seeing Jack on duty, the soldiers took Sam back to the guardsmen's barracks.

That's when Sam noticed someone who was very special to him and immediately took off running in his direction. It was none other than his brother, Jack, who had returned from performing his duty to the Queen and Country for the day. How wonderful to see these two brothers free to express their deep and abiding love for one another!

You can see this magical moment in this touching video:

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