Brother Asks To Hold New Baby Sister Then Starts Singing Song That Puts Mommy In Tears

Aug 08, 2018 by apost team

Parents were worried that their first-born boy would not take well to the addition of a newborn baby girl into the family. They were pleasantly surprised by the level of excitement portrayed by the youngster. A short time after bringing the baby home, the parents began to notice how fascinated the older brother was with his younger sister and her small size. Their fears were completely eliminated after allowing the younger brother to hold the baby.

They were greeted by the melody and words from the song, “You Are So Beautiful,” from the older sibling.

We often equate the song “You Are So Beautiful” to being nothing more than a simple love song. In all actuality it was instead created and written by the two writers Bruce Fisher and Billy Preston in honor of Preston’s mother. She was the driving force in guiding Preston through his life. One of his friends, who was also a musician, took the song out of context in order to gain attention from women in the audience at concerts.

As a result, Preston was enraged and confronted his friend about daring to turn a beautiful song dedicated to his mom into something it was never meant for. After this incident, tempers eventually calmed. The song was later released by Joe Cocker as a slower version of the original song. The slower version is the one we are all most familiar with and it has gone on to become one of the most well-known tracks recorded in music history.

The construction of the song along with its beautiful melody line encouraged continued playback by mom and dad in the house. The older brother had heard the song so often that he had himself learned the melody and heartwarming lyrics.

His song dedication to his baby sister caused his mom to stand by in awe as he held her in his arms rocking her as he continued to sing the words of the song to her.

This is a moment never to be forgotten by the family and a moment we can all be a part of now:


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