Brother And Sister's Complicated Dance Performance Has Judges Send Them Home As Champions

Sep 18, 2019 by apost team

Jennifer and Jeremiah Willis aren’t just your typical sibling duo. They are both trained professionals when it comes to swing dancing! From the time they were infants, they were passionate about dance and knew that it was something they both wanted to pursue.

They’ve been practicing and performing together ever since they could walk! They aren’t just your average dancers, however.

They love putting their own unique spin on their routines. Instead of using traditional jazz tunes to dance to, they take advantage of their country roots and use that as inspiration instead!

They use their upbringing in Tennessee to bring life to their performances. At the US Open swing dancing competition, they showcased their skills through a mind-blowing dance number that left the judges speechless and won them an amazing prize!

The Willis siblings are best known from their hit reality show on TLC, “The Willis Family.” Although they have shown their dancing skills off on the show, they are also talented in many other facets of life. However, their swing dancing is what they’re both extremely passionate about and they both thoroughly enjoy sharing their talent with the world! They move together effortlessly, displaying perfect harmony while grooving along to the country tune.

Not many people would be able to keep up with such talented skill, and surely they wouldn’t have the same enthusiasm and style as Jennifer and Jeremiah! Clearly, all of their hard work paid off, as they ended up taking home the championship trophy after this one amazing routine!

Unfortunately, the Willis family were in the headlines last year for a more serious reason after the arrest of their father. Although he ended up receiving a sentence of 40 years in jail, the sibling duo isn’t letting that to negatively impact their lives.

They put aside the sadness and heartbreak of the arrest and decide to live life positively instead of letting themselves be seen as victims. They want to be known for their dancing talent, not what you read in the tabloid news.

They have their own special stories to share, and they choose to tell them through their outstanding dance routines! These two clearly deserve the best after persevering through all of the hardship they’ve been through! What do you think about this amazing swing dance performance? Let us know in the comments - and don't forget to pass it on to your friends and family!