Broke Mom Has Only $20, Kids Pray To God For Miracle. Then They Find A Check On Their Doorstep

Aug 29, 2018 by apost team

Jesus' ministry included specific references to the purity of children. He stated that we must model their innocence. Jesus explained, "truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

His words still hold true today, as this mom found out. Sara Moore Gruver was struggling to make ends meet. She had three hungry children but could never find enough money to feed them. Although Sara budgeted carefully, she was soon on her last $20. She had nowhere else to turn.

That's when her kids stepped in. Sara took her kids to the grocery store. After she'd used up her food budget, they still wanted ice cream. Sara tried to explain that they just didn't have the money. Her heart broke at how sad they became.

Then she heard a small voice from the back seat. Her child pleaded to God to give them money for ice cream. Sara told them that God doesn't listen to those kinds of prayers. He's busy taking care of natural disasters instead.

Josh was Sara's eldest child. He knew better than to doubt God's power. Josh told Sara that God would give them money for ice cream and help the natural disasters, too. Sara remained skeptical during the drive home. When they arrived home, Sara noticed that there was an envelope on their front porch. Inside was a check for $213.

She couldn't believe it. Her child's prayer had worked.

The money came from an overpayment on a student loan years ago. Sara posted about the experience on Facebook. She described how emotional that car ride had been. It was amazing to see how it had completely turned around! Sara could now pay for ice cream and also donate to the Red Cross. God truly took care of all their needs.

Sara's Facebook post has gone viral. Donations for more ice cream money are pouring in. She appreciates the gesture but explains that it's not all bad. Sara has a stable job as a paramedic. It's just that sometimes there isn't money left over for sweet treats.

She's grateful for how the experience has reaffirmed her faith. It has demonstrated the power of God in our lives. Sara knows her story can inspire other nonbelievers.

God is truly part of our lives no matter what! Who knows what can happen when we have a child's faith. Let us know your thoughts below.