British Zookeeper Reunites With Elephant He Cared For Over 30 Years Ago

This heartwarming reunion between a caretaker and the elephant he helped raise over thirty years ago proves that it’s true what they say: elephants never forget.

Back in the 1970s, Peter Adamson worked at Calderpark Zoo in Scotland where he helped raise an Asian elephant named Kirsty. She stayed at the park until 1987, when she was taken away.

Adamson tried for years to locate Kirsty and finally found her with the help of some German friends. It turned out that Kirsty lives in Neunkirchen Zoo in Saarland, Germany.

The video of their reunion is incredibly touching. Kirsty instantly knew who Peter was. They gave each other a hug: he wrapped his arms around her, and Kirsty wrapped her trunk around him.

This is definitely an example of how warm and kind elephants are to individuals they care about, whether an elephant or a human. Adamson said that it was an emotional experience to see her again.

Kirsty was able to recognize him because of his voice. Now that he's been able to locate her, Adamson said that he will definitely visit Kirsty again.

The Neunkirchen zookeepers say that Kirsty is enjoying a quiet and peaceful life in their zoo after having spent most of her life being shipped around Europe.

Watch the video below to see their happy reunion.

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