Britain's Loneliest Dog Has Gone 500 Days Without Anyone Wanting To Take Him Home

Feb 14, 2019 by apost team

Loneliness is one of the most awful feelings that exist. No one wants to experience it or see anyone else lonely, not even an animal.

That's why this story is so heartbreaking. This is a little pup known as the "loneliest dog in Britain". His real name is Hector. He received his tittle due to spending more than 500 days in an animal shelter.

The staff and volunteers have been trying very hard to find Hector a home. They can't stand how lonely he is.

He was rescued back in October 2017 due to welfare concerns and has been with them since. He has a little fan club on the internet but even with his fans, no one has stepped up to take him in. He remains in the RSPCA's Little Valley Animal Shelter located in Exeter, Devon.

The manager of the shelter, Jo Evans, talks on how Hector is really a character. He finds him really funny. He is always making us smile and is one of the favorites at the shelter.

All of the staff love him dearly and just can't fathom why no-one chooses him. He has so much to give. They just want him to find a home that has a heart for him. They are desperate to find Hector a forever home.

He's very active and loves to go on adventures. He loves going on long walks on the beach - no really, he does! And, he has even learned how to swim and enjoys it too.

He gets along well with other animals and also children. There are not too many situations that he wouldn't be a fit for.

His story has gone viral and he has so many fans, it's just impossible to understand why no one has adopted him, but we still have hope! With his new internet fame has come many applications to adopt him and now, hopefully, the right family for Hector will be found soon.

Would you adopt Hector? Send this on to everyone you know and let's help Hector find a forever home. No-one deserves to be lonely, not even a dog.