Bride's IKEA Bag Hack To Pee Worry-Free On Wedding Day Is JUST Terrific

We all picture our perfect wedding day. We picture our prince at the end of the aisle. We picture our friends, family and other loved ones gathered to celebrate. We picture the flowers and the smiles as we finally marry that special someone. However, many of us don’t picture the many behind-the-scenes details that come along with a wedding day.

Our wedding day is one of the best days of our lives. There should be only smiles and happiness. There should be absolutely no stress at all, right? Well, weddings come with certain stressors that we can’t avoid. People who didn’t RSVP showing up and the catering maybe not being just perfect.

However, one stress we don’t think about when we picture ourselves as a beautiful, blushing bride is the stress of going to the bathroom!

In your big, fluffy white gown, laced or buttoned up, it must be said that a bride will be enticingly beautiful. On your wedding day, just like any other, nature will inevitably call. What are you supposed to do? That’s where your bridesmaids are there to help!

One bride thought ahead about the mission of going to the bathroom and decided to get exceptionally creative. She knew that she would have to pee after champagne and dancing.

She would be wearing a gorgeous, floor-length mermaid gown and knew it would be nearly impossible to lift the mermaid-shaped gown up to go to the restroom during the ceremony. Even with all the bridesmaids in the world, she would still be at a loss as to how to answer nature’s call on her special day.

Leave it to IKEA to come to the rescue! This crafty bride decided to create something that makes it easier to use the restroom by taking a standard blue IKEA bag and cutting it with a pair of scissors to make a leg hole.

On the big night, she would simply put her legs into the makeshift leg holes and then put the straps of the bags over her shoulders and stand up. This would bunch up the entire mermaid dress and pull it up, leaving her free to answer nature’s call!

What do you think about this bride’s crafty idea to use an IKEA bag in order to tackle such a minor, but an essential issue on the night of her wedding? Have you seen any equally crafty ideas for brides? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread the word about this amazing wedding hack.