Bride's Father Was Killed In Line Of Duty So She Dances To 'Father And Son' With His Colleagues At Her Wedding

One police officer's colleagues recently stepped up in a big way to honor their late friend.

Kourtney Krietemeier was always a daddy's girl. One year when she was a young child, her doting daddy gave her a small replica of his police badge with his number on it. As he presented her with the token, he played the touching song “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon. From that day on, the tune became their special song.

In 2005, Kourtney lost her beloved father when detective Donnie Young died while in the line of duty with the Denver Police Department. He had served that department for 12 years when he was shot and killed in a tragic incident on Mother's Day.

Despite having a loving mother by her side through life, Kourtney still struggles with having to go through life's big moments without her father there with her. When Kourtney became engaged, her aunt thought it would be a special moment to have Donnie's former colleagues with the police force walk her down the aisle. During the reception, it was Kourtney's mother who stepped in to share in the father and daughter dance.

However, Kourtney was in for a touching surprise when the song abruptly changed during the middle of the dance reported Today News. It did not take long for the bride to realize that the new song was her special tune that she shared with her father. And what happened next brought everyone in the room to tears.

You can watch this video to see how this dramatic and touching moment plays out. After you have watched the clip, be sure to spread this meaningful dance to everyone that you know.