Bride Unexpectedly Asks Six Cops To Stand Behind The Groom Just As She Starts Her Speech

Oct 07, 2022 by apost team

When you go to a wedding, it’s pretty common to hear a few speeches from the bride and groom and their family members. Many guests like to take the time to talk about just how far the couple has come in their relationship and how excited they are for the newlyweds’ future together. There is a lot of love, joy and respect for the loved-up pair. And, of course, their closest friends and family members help foster a celebratory atmosphere. 

For one couple, they decided it was time to really show their respect to their wedding guests. After the bride and groom walked down the aisle and said “I do” to each other, it was time to celebrate. Their reception looked beautiful, decked out with stunning decor and flowers in a room filled with their loved ones. Finally, it was time for the bride to take the microphone and share a heartwarming speech she had written.

Rather than just talk about how much love and adoration she had for her husband, she decided to have six cops stand behind him while she read the heartfelt words she had saved on her phone. Reading her speech, she made it known that her husband is a police officer and that the six men behind him weren’t just wedding guests; they were the men who risked their lives alongside him every day at work.

The bride had a sincere speech to share with the six cops who stood behind her new husband — as well as a beautiful surprise afterward. Although we don’t know exactly where this video came from, we loved it and had to share it with our readers. 

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Cops have an extremely difficult job. They go out and risk their lives every day, not knowing if or when they’ll make it home. This is why it was so important for a bride to give a speech in front of all of her wedding guests about how much respect she felt people in this profession deserved, specifically the six men who worked alongside her police officer husband.

The bride looked absolutely beautiful, but what was even more beautiful were the words she shared with her guests. According to Rumble, a video of the speech was filmed by the bride’s sister and shared in May 2017. As she started her speech, the bride asked the cops dressed in handsome suits to stand behind the groom. These were the men the groom had formed such a strong bond with that they were like brothers to him. 

The groom and his friends looked surprised as the bride continued with her speech. She said, “If I had to describe these men, I’d say brave, courageous, headstrong, heroes, role models, selfless.” She talked about how the cops and her husband truly had each other’s backs as they had all taken the same oath.

She also said:

"I've, since knowing James, grown a deep respect for the job that these men do every day. For the brave face they put on before each shift, and for risking their lives for strangers who will never truly appreciate a small gesture one of these men in uniform might have done for them."

As the bride went on, she said, "these men are human, they have families and they have feelings." She talked in detail about the danger of their job and what they risk to keep the public safe. She then brought her point back to her and her new husband and said:

"I cannot thank these men enough for what they do. They have all in one way looked out for James, had his back on a call and made sure he got home safe every night. I can never repay them for that."

As she held back tears, the impassioned bride revealed to everyone at the wedding a small gesture she had planned in hopes of spreading kindness. She explained that she had purchased $3 gift cards for all of the guests at the wedding for Dunkin' Donuts so that they could use it to buy an officer they run into coffee as a small thank you for what they do. Although it's a small token of appreciation, the effects of the gesture would have much larger ripples in the community. “We love them, we’re gonna support them no matter what,” the bride said, expressing just how much she valued the people in this profession.

When she finished her speech, the groom got up and kissed his emotional wife before giving a hug to each of his fellow officers, showing just how close they all are. By the booming round of applause at the end of her speech, it was clear that all of the wedding guests felt the same as she did. 

What did you think about this bride’s speech? Were you moved by her words? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too. 

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