Bride Travels Over 600 Miles To Dance With Her Grandfather

Sep 17, 2021 by apost team

Weddings are often one of the most memorable days in someone's life. And one of the best parts is being able to share your love with those nearest and dearest to you, which includes family members. The memories people make at weddings — both their own and of those they're close to — are often remembered for a lifetime. That's why when someone isn't able to make it, there is inevitably some disappointment.

Unfortunately, that happened to 24-year-old Natalie Browning when her beloved 94-year-old grandfather, Nelson May, wasn't able to make it to her wedding due to ill health. Browning's grandfather was set to attend her nuptials, which took place on June 27, but after suffering a stroke two weeks before the wedding, he wasn't able to make the trip from Florida, where he lives, to Virginia, where Browning is based. Heartbreakingly, May had been excited to dance with his granddaughter on her wedding day for months, but the possibility was shattered after he suffered the stroke.

However, since May couldn't come to the wedding, Browning decided to go to him and give her grandfather the dance he'd wanted. Just over one month after the wedding, on Aug. 1, May took the trip to visit her grandpa in Florida and documented it via a short video that she posted to her Facebook. Afterward, the touching post went viral.

In the video, Browning can be seen holding her wedding dress, which she carries through the airport and onto a plane. After landing, she puts on her makeup at the airport before getting into a car and eventually arriving at her grandfather's house.

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Upon arrival, she gets dressed up in her wedding gown, and straight away the two of them shared a proper wedding dance together in his living room, with other family members around them. The footage of them twirling around is simply too precious for words. He's also dressed up in a shirt and tie, and the smile on his face as he dances with his gorgeous granddaughter in her wedding dress is priceless. Speaking with South West News Service, as reported by Fox News, Browning talked a bit about the day:

"For months he'd been so excited to dance with me on my wedding night and I'm just so happy that I was able to give him that experience. I don't get to see him very often so it truly was a special day."

The fact that Browning traveled over 600 miles just to share a dance with her grandpa while in her wedding dress is a sign of true love and undoubtedly something that meant the world to him. She also told SWNS via Fox News that she runs a jewelry business that's "centered around reminding people that they are deeply valuable." So naturally, she wanted to extend that to her grandpa. She explained: 

"I've been trying to implement that belief more in my own life and wanted my grandpa to know that he is incredibly valuable to me, and even though he was unable to come to my wedding, that the dance he so desired to have with me was valuable too. So, we made it happen."

What do you think about Natalie Browning's journey of over 600 miles to share a wedding dance with her grandfather? Do you know of anyone who's done something similar? If this struck a chord with you, then pass it on to those you know!

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