Bride-To-Be Cancels Engagement Photoshoot And Writes Photographer With Last Minute Change Of Plans

Becky Carey was always the type of person to try and make everything perfect. When it came to her wedding, this aspect of her personality was no different. For over a year she coordinated with her wedding photography, Bonnie, to pinpoint the ideal day to snap engagement photos. No matter what, she was going to select the perfect sunlit afternoon to capture this once in a lifetime moment.

This was until Becky received heartbreaking news about her father, Tim. After battling pancreatic cancer for over a decade, it was clear the former Air Force colonel didn't have much time left. When it was obvious he needed hospice care soon, Becky made a snap decision.

"I had been a little bit in chosen denial about how sick he was, thinking that he would actually be at my wedding,"

Becky expressed on Insider news, holding back tears. In an instant, Becky decided that to cancel her engagement photoshoot in favor of getting treasured final photos of her father.

After a last-minute cancellation, Bonnie knew she couldn't say no to the bride's request. Tim donned his military pins while Becky wore her wedding dress. They shared one last father-daughter dance on a cloudy, overcast day.

"Of course I started crying," Becky quipped. "I don't know if he knew he wasn't going to make it to the wedding day."

After spending the day together laughing and reminiscing, Becky tucked him into bed on a Wednesday night. The next morning, she found that he had passed peacefully in his sleep. The family was shocked into grief, they had no idea he was going to pass away so quickly.

In his place, Becky plans to show the video of their final dance together at her wedding in the fall. Her touching story reminds us all to love and laugh as often as possible. What would you do if you knew you were spending your final moments with a treasured family member?