Bride Sparks Debate For Making Her Mother Choose Between The Birth Of Her Sister's First Child And Her Wedding

May 30, 2023 by apost team

Weddings are always a big thing for anyone's family. Not only is it an important milestone in one's life, but it is also one of the happiest events that families can attend together. Like weddings, welcoming a new child into the family is also a huge deal. While both events are both equally important and call for a joyous celebration, one person took to a Reddit thread and aired out her dilemma. 

"I'm finally getting married in two months time (💃💃) after a year of planning and everything has been going to plan so far with no hiccups. That was until my mother called me earlier in the week to ask me to postpone my wedding by at least a month," she told the thread. "My sister is currently pregnant and her due date is July 17th. My sister asked my mother to be there for her for the whole of July since the due date is just an estimate and this is her first baby."

To make the story juicier and more interesting, the father of her sister's child was actually her ex-boyfriend. Turns out, the man was sleeping with her sister at the time that they were dating. 

According to the Original Poster (OP), she's not willing to postpone her wedding for her sister's upcoming birth. 

"I told my mother that and also that she just simply needed to choose who she wanted to support. She's been fence-sitting and that's why we're here. She says I'm forcing her to make an impossible decision and my aunts are also trying to convince me to postpone," she continued. 

OP was burdened with the dilemma of asking her mother to choose between her and her sister. 

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OP was very well aware that her sister is also her mother's child and would definitely want her to be in that important milestone in her life. However, she, too, would like that moment with her mother. 

Many people on the Reddit thread sided with OP, saying that she was not in the wrong for not postponing the date of her wedding. 

"NTA. You wedding is on a particular date. She can either make it or not. You have a venue and vendors and your spouse's entire side lined up," one user said.

"NTA ! So sorry you're in this predicament. I too have a sh*tty sister who pulls stuff like this. Enjoy your big day and don't let your sister ruin it (like I did 😉)," another commented

"The sister is telling the mom to spend the whole month not because this is her first baby & she's nervous, she's asking the mom to spend the whole month to intentionally keep the mom from her sister's wedding to spite OP," someone suggested.

Some users also pointed out that the reason that OP's sister might be forcing her mother to stay with her for a month was to spite her. 

"You overlooked the fact sister slept with the ex bf of op and it's his baby on top of it. NTA op ,do NOT POSTPONE," one said

"​​My thoughts exactly. It sounds like her sister can't stand to see her happily moving on and getting married. Her sister expected her to just keep pining away for the cheater that she's now stuck with. NTA.," another wrote.

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Do you think the original poster was wrong for not postponing the wedding? If you were the mother, who would you choose? Do you think her sister was spiting her? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and other people who you think should read this!

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