Bride Slammed Online After Being Rude To Her Step-Sister For Ruining Her Pre-Wedding Dinner

May 30, 2023 by apost team

Weddings have always been an intimate gathering of families and friends. Most probably than not, immediate families are invited; and if there is a little more budget and extra space, more friends and extended families can also be included. 

In the case of a Reddit user, she has a step-sister from her father, whom she had invited to her own wedding. Taking to a Reddit thread on May 21, 2023, the Bride-to-Be wondered if she was in the wrong for lashing out at her step-sister. 

"Maggie got married last year, and I am getting married this summer. The weddings are not close together and not comparable in terms of venue, size, aesthetic, literally anything, but that hasn't stopped Maggie comparing them incessantly," she complained.

Apparently, Maggie's wedding back then wasn't attended by the extended family of his father. For the original poster's (OP) wedding, everyone was invited, including the extended family. 

"She's annoyed that my dad offered to pay for mine (I refused) but didn't for hers. She's mad that I'm wearing heirloom jewellery for my wedding that she wasn't offered. She's mad that extended family will be attending my wedding when they didn't attend hers," OP further revealed. 

Maggie even goes to the lengths of even casually suggesting that OP's wedding was "fixed" and that she should have married OP's fiancé instead since they're nearer in age. 

Days before the wedding, OP had dinner with everyone, including Maggie and the extended family. While discussing things about the wedding, OP recalled her sister sarcastically saying how "nice" it was that the extended family attended her wedding but was "too busy" to skip hers. 

"No one acknowledged what she'd said so she started to talk about the excuse they'd given at a stupidly loud volume so that everyone had to listen." 

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Maggie's repeated pushing of the topic forced OP to unleash a few words. 

"I'm not a confrontational person, but a mix of wine and exhaustion took over, and I said, "No one cared about your wedding a year ago, and they're not going to start today, so please just spare us,'" OP hastily said, prompting Maggie to leave the table crying. Since then, OP has been pressured by her father to apologize to Maggie for saying those harsh words toward her. 

"To me, it felt like she was using my important life event to draw attention to herself which felt unfair and mean spirited, which is why I reacted the way I did," OP said.

Some people on the thread believed that OP was not in the wrong for lashing out at her sister. 

"NTA she's the one who shook the soda bottle and now she complaining that you pointed it back at her when the cap came of," another pointed out

"NTA. She's trying to ruin you're wedding experience because she is unhappy about hers. Which isn't your fault and she's taking it out on you," someone echoed

However, not everyone seemed to be defending and consoling OP; many thought that both OP and Maggie were wrong for doing such. 

"ESH. The family should have been nicer to her, she shouldn't have kept going on and on about it (especially the part that she should have married your husband), and you could have been more diplomatic," a user wrote

ESH - what you said was true and probably deserved, but it was still really rude, embarrassing, and overkill. An apology for being rude but not what you said in itself is in order," a Redditor commented

"ESH. Sometimes blended family doesn't work the way stepfamily wants it to be," another posted

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Do you think OP was in the wrong for lashing out at her sister? Do you think she was unfair for saying those words? Who do you think was right in the case: OP or her step-sister Maggie? Let us know, and pass this on to your family and friends!

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