Bride Rushes Out Of Her Wedding Ceremony After She Receives An Urgent Call

Sep 18, 2023 by apost team

For many people, their interest in science, biology, understanding how the human body works, and healthcare is just a small fraction of what informs their decision to become medical professionals. While some base their decision to pursue a career in the medical field on their intense desire to save lives and make a remarkable difference in people’s lives, others do so based on incidents that happened to a loved one or events they witnessed at some point in their lives.

The healthcare industry comprises several jobs, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, paramedics, and anesthesiologists. Regardless of what their passion was for following the path of the medical field, these different subsets of the healthcare industry work hand in hand to ensure that the lives of their patients are preserved. 

Also, regardless of whatever field a person works in, in the healthcare industry, their reaction to cases of emergency is similar. Because of their desire to save lives, they usually think on their feet, assessing the situation, considering the nature of the emergency, determining a course of action, and acting on it within a twinkle of an eye. Paramedics are especially skilled in emergency responses, as they assess the situation, provide first aid, and make necessary medical interventions, ensuring that the patient is stable enough to make it to the hospital.

In one such case, on Oct. 9, 2015, Montgomery County, Tennessee’s Facebook page shared the story of a paramedic bride, Sarah Ray, who dashed out of her wedding ceremony after she received an emergency call. Read on to find out why the paramedic risked her wedding over an emergency call.

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Call her a hero or label her a dedicated paramedic, and you won’t be wrong. Not many will abandon their big day over an emergency call, but Ray did so when she received a call barely moments after exchanging vows with her husband. She received a call that her father and grandmother had been involved in an accident on their way to the wedding reception.

"My dad called my husband and said there had been an accident," Ray told CBS News. "All he told him was there had been a wreck, and the car was totaled. We didn't know anything about injuries."

Regardless of not knowing the full details of the accident, Ray and her husband, Paul, who is also a paramedic, abandoned their wedding and rushed down to the scene of the accident. On getting there, Ray discovered that her mom had been put in the ambulance and was being taken care of for injuries she sustained from the deployed airbags. Although the injuries were not fatal, they were serious enough for Ray’s grandmother to make a trip to the hospital.

"One of the first things she said to me was sorry she ruined my wedding day," Ray told the publication.

After confirming that her family was out of harm's way, Ray made her way to the car in the rain with the ball of her wedding dress in her arms. Ray’s mom captured the moment in a photograph that has since gone viral. The photo was first shared on Montgomery County’s Facebook page with a caption applauding the paramedic for being dedicated to her job.

What do you think of Sarah Ray leaving her wedding to the accident scene once she got the emergency call? Do you admire her dedication? What would you do if you were in her shoes? Let us know — and be sure to pass this article on to friends and family members.

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