Bride Lets Bridesmaids Pick Dresses And Discovers BFF's Plan To Rewear Gown From Her Wedding

Oct 14, 2021 by apost team

When you think about a wedding, you probably think about the cake, the venue and, of course, the bride’s dress. While there is definitely a lot more that goes into planning a wedding, such as flowers, music and food, the wedding dress is by far one of the most memorable and recognizable facets of a wedding.

It goes without saying that since most wedding dresses are white, no other guest should wear that color unless the couple getting married clearly stated that it was OK. Another unspoken rule is that you shouldn’t wear a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding. It’s impolite to try to upstage the bride at her own wedding.

A woman on Reddit decided to let her bridesmaids pick out their own dresses to wear to her wedding, figuring it would be easier since the wedding itself was going to be small. However, the original poster (OP) began having issues with her two former college roommates, whom she called Carla and Sally. They were two of her five bridesmaids. The OP’s plan backfired when she found out that Carla planned to wear a gown she had worn at her own wedding.

The OP was completely shocked that her friend would ever consider doing this, especially since her friend’s dress was much more extravagant than her own. She went to Reddit to post in the “Am I A Bridezilla” subreddit on Aug. 4, 2021, to ask Reddit users for advice on how she should work through the problems she was facing as her wedding day was quickly approaching.

Drama With Her Bridesmaids

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At the start of her Reddit post, the OP explained that she was having a small wedding due to the pandemic and managed to cut her guest list down to 30. Most of her five bridesmaids didn’t know each other, and they were flying from out of town just for her big day. She wanted to make the day go as smoothly as possible and make sure everyone had fun, so she decided to let her bridesmaids pick out their own dresses.

The OP and her two former college roommates — Carla and Sally — were all very close with each other, but she started to have some issues with them as her wedding day got closer. Carla got married six months prior. Since not a lot of people were able to see her ceremony and reception dresses, she decided to wear her reception dress to the OP’s wedding. 

“It’s quite glamorous and bridal too,” the OP explained. “I have picked a very simple wedding dress for myself — it’s expensive and I look great in it but it doesn’t have all that glitz!” The OP decided to let her bridesmaids pick their own dresses so they could be comfortable, have fun and not have to take on more responsibilities, but it seemed like her plan was backfiring.

The OP continued, “I understand that Carla too had a COVID wedding and not a lot of people got to see her dresses but still!” The big issue here was that the OP found out from Sally, not from Carla herself. However, the OP’s issues with her bridesmaids didn’t end there, as she also had a problem with Sally.

Seeking Advice

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Sally had just started seeing someone and wanted to invite him to the wedding, but the OP didn’t want a complete stranger at her wedding, especially since she couldn’t even invite all of her and her fiance’s family members. “I really don’t want to be a bridezilla,” the OP said, and she asked Reddit users for advice on how she should handle the problems she had with her friends. 

Redditors encouraged the OP to be honest with her friends. They also explained that since her wedding was so small and intimate, no one would be confused about who the bride was, so Carla wearing her old reception dress shouldn’t really be an issue.

In an update, the OP explained that she planned on breaking the news to both of her friends during a group call, but she changed her original mindset on some of the issues. She told Sally that she couldn’t bring her new boyfriend, and Sally accepted it, though she was clearly upset.

As for Carla, the OP had a change of heart. “I have made peace with Carla’s dress,” she said. “A lot of you wisely suggested that I am the bride and it will be my special day no matter what. It’s around my closest people and they wouldn’t get confused about who the bride is.” The OP even said it might be something they’re able to laugh about together later on.

Despite all of the drama that seemed to be surrounding her wedding, this bride managed to tackle the issues that were causing her so much distress, with her wedding just six weeks away. The OP ended her post saying, “Hopefully everything goes well."

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What do you think about this bride’s story? Would you be OK with one of your friends wearing a wedding dress to your wedding? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your loved ones, too.

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