Bride Is Halfway To The Altar When She Realizes Her Groom Has Been Drugged

Aug 06, 2022 by apost team

Wedding ceremonies are often regarded as one of the most important days of one's life. According to Grazia, women start daydreaming about their big day while still in their adolescence. According to a study conducted by Interflora, as seen in Grazia, although most women start dreaming on their special day at the age of 13, a quarter of the women surveyed for the study admitted to thinking about their wedding day when they were only six years old. Even though many believe women dreaming about their wedding day at such a young age shows a form of obsession, a recent study concluded that women dreaming about their wedding day has a deeper and more complex meaning. 

Elite Daily interviewed national psychotherapist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish and clinical psychologist Dr. John Mayer to unpack the true meaning behind dreaming of your nuptials. Dr. Wish explained that people often dream about happiness. So dreaming of a day referred to as the happiest day of one's life isn't uncommon. Dreaming about your wedding may have various meanings. One interpretation that dreaming of your big day could mean is that you are longing for a new beginning or are excited about a unique opportunity. Dr. Mayer points out that wedding dreams can also be warning signs, showcasing doubt in your current relationship or your desire to get married. Wedding dreams are common, whether you are in a relationship, single, or planning your nuptials. With months and months of planning, you cannot plan for everything.

Out of dreaming of all the countless ways her big day could go wrong, a Kentucky bride was devastated when she walked down the aisle and found that her groom had been drugged. A video posted to Youtube on Jul. 19, 2022, detailed the event and the bride's reaction.

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Richmond bride Brandy Wiseman's wedding day was not the happiest day of her life. The bride was stunned while walking down the aisle when she saw her soon-to-be husband, Billy Engle. 

Brandy recalled feeling "confused" when she saw her groom because he was weeping hysterically. In an interview with Inside Edition, the Kentucky native recounted the bizarre incident.

"I stopped while I was walking down the aisle cause I seen his face, and I just seen him lose control and just sob it was almost a shock to me because I had never seen him cry before," she said.

"I literally stopped walking ... his entire face was super red, and he was just like sobbing." 

During the wedding, Billy's behavior grew stranger and stranger.

 "At one point during the wedding, I looked into Billy's eyes, and he couldn't stop crying," she told the outlet.

"And I had fear in my eyes with a smile on my face, but so scared to death because it looked like he was going to pass out."

While standing at the alter, Brandy realized that the friend they selected to officiate their wedding was also behaving strangely. It turned out that both men's drinks were spiked. The couple assumed Billy consumed drugs without his consent because of his inability to remember anything that happened. Billy was drug tested, which later confirmed he consumed an estimated 10 Adderall pills. Adderall is a medication used to treat ADHD by improving concentration. But according to Healthline, Adderall mixed or taken with alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning, heart problems, or behavioral issues.

Brandy referred to the ordeal as "the scariest" and most "heartbreaking moment" of her life. Billy admitted that he could not remember the whole day at all, having no memory of his own wedding.

In a video posted to the couple's TikTok, Brandy shared the traumatic event in hopes of preventing this from happening to others.

Can you believe this happened to Billy and Brandy on their wedding day? What is the craziest thing you have ever seen or heard about that occurred at a wedding? Let us know, and be sure to send this to your family and friends. 


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