Bride Devastated Because DJ Ruined Her First Dance — But It's A Surprise Bigger Than She Could Imagine

In 2016, Melissa Baker got the surprise of her life on the biggest day of her life when the first dance with her groom, Brad Hewitt, is interrupted. Little does she know that her new husband planned it all to surprise her with a live rendition of Like There's No Yesterday  by their favorite artist, Mark Wills.

The First Dance

Melissa Baker and Brad Hewitt tied the knot on March 12, 2016, at the Old Courthouse in downtown Cleveland. It's presumably the happiest day of this bride's life. She and her groom have already said their wedding vows in front of their closest friends and family members. They are about to participate in the traditional first dance at their lavish wedding reception.

As they patiently wait for the music to start, you can feel the excitement in the air. A joyful tear might even form in your eye as they come together and begin swaying as the music starts. All of a sudden, with the sound of a scratching record, the music stops. The dancing also stops, and the bride looks toward the DJ booth to see what happened.

Only the Beginning

The DJ apologizes and explains that there is a keyboardist and that they can still do a live version of the song. The bride seems appeased by this as the groom smiles slyly. The stage lights up and Mark Wills himself begins singing his song Like There's No Yesterday. The bride, with her back to the stage, once again begins swaying with her groom. He kisses her lovingly. As they turn and she begins to face the stage, she gets the surprise of her life.

She screams upon recognizing Wills and jumps back, obviously shocked and elated. Upon rejoining her groom, her eyes light up and fill with tears as she realizes that Wills is at her reception to sing to her. She figures out her husband is responsible, and she hugs him close, tears of elation falling uncontrollably.

If you are anything like us, these types of amazing surprises just give you all the feels. The thoughtful planning and effort involved give you a solid sense of the love the groom has for his new wife. Her appreciation for him is evident as she adoringly gazes at him.

After the song is over, the bride and groom get to meet with Wills. We are told he will be back to sing more of his songs throughout the evening. Surely, there is no greater gift for the couple. What's even better? The couple now has a baby! How sweet! This love is truly meant to be.

Were you or do you know someone who received an epic surprise like this at their wedding? Perhaps you are or you know a groom-to-be looking for inspiration. This is it! Let us know your thoughts!