Bride Rants About Being Given Low Number Off Wedding Gifts As She Writes ‘Thank You’ Cards

May 04, 2021 by apost team

Weddings are something that loving couples are able to have and cherish for the rest of their lives together. It is something the bride and groom celebrate with not only each other but with all of their invited friends and family. There is so much planning that goes into a wedding, including picking out flower arrangements, setting up decorations and picking out great food and music.

Getting married is a big deal. While these romantic ceremonies tend to be delicate and full of wonder, they can sometimes bring out rough characteristics in individuals. Sometimes brides can get a little on edge while planning their one special day, resulting in them being put into the “bridezilla” category. They may appear unreasonable or too demanding as they work hard to plan the most perfect day. Being able to control each and every aspect of her wedding is critical to these brides, as their ceremonies and receptions are extremely important to them.

After everything is finally finished and the big day arrives, it’s time to celebrate with loved ones. On top of having a beautiful day together, the couple typically receives plenty of thoughtful gifts from all of their guests. Most couples create a registry to let their guests know what they want, but these guidelines aren’t always followed. Along with that, some guests simply show up empty-handed. One bride went on a rant and expressed her frustration about the lack of presents she received on her big day. The rant was then uploaded to a social media forum, where fellow users expressed their own opinions on the matter.

The bride’s rant appeared on the Bridezilla forum on Reddit. It sparked a long debate about if it was worse to not give a gift to the happy couple on their wedding day or if it was worse to complain about not getting enough gifts. While some agreed with the bride and sympathized with her, others were quick to call out her attitude, explaining exactly why her original post was uploaded to the specific forum.

The post said: “This is crazy to me. I’m writing out thank you cards, I’m writing a total of 30 cards, we had over 100 guests. People apparently don’t do wedding gifts.” The bride later edited her post to clear up her overall message. “I don’t care about gifts,” she wrote. “We already have everything we could need. It’s just annoying that most of the people that came and didn’t bring gifts are people who had events and we got them gifts.”

Clearly feeling like the thoughtfulness she projected wasn’t returned in the same way, the bride continued on with her discontent. “Weddings are expensive,” she wrote. “We spent $1000 just on beer, and our guests took it upon themselves to take the leftovers at the end of the night without asking us.” The angry woman finished the post with a concluding thought, “this is just a rant.”

A Reddit user took it upon themselves to screenshot and upload the rant to the Bridezilla forum on Jan. 2, 2021. “But she doesn’t care about the gifts, guys,” the user wrote above the post.

According to Fox News, the rant led to a debate amongst the commenters as some people chose to express their own thoughts on the matter. One commenter brought up a few key points to consider about why some people may not have arrived with anything to give the couple. “Maybe her friends couldn’t afford gifts? Maybe they ordered gifts to be delivered to the house later on? Maybe they teamed up on gifts?” The commenter continued, “Maybe some of them contributed to decorations or made dresses or something like that in lieu of a tangible gift. There are lots of reasons why she might not actually have one gift per guest under her wedding tree.”

Another commenter disputed this idea and sided with the bride. “It’s pretty bad to go to an open bar wedding of someone who gave you a gift at your own wedding and give nothing, and then take home leftovers,” the commenter wrote. “She needs better friends.” Another Reddit user responded to the post and defended the bride. “This is not a bridezilla at all,” the commenter stated. “It is super tacky to attend someone’s wedding and not bring a gift.”

One last user mentioned that just because there was a certain number of guests doesn’t mean that would correlate to the number of gifts received. “Often friend groups get together and do a group gift, whether it be a lump sum of money or an expensive registry request,” the user said.

Although this bride was able to pull off a great wedding, she wasn’t too pleased with the lack of presents for her special day. Reddit users debated over the problem, some taking her side while others defended the guests and their potential reasons for not having a gift to give.

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