Bride And Groom Blaze The Floor With Irish Dance Performance

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Irish people are known to be very proud of their culture. They are always eager and glad to share stories and bits of their culture with everyone. It was no surprise when Chris and Lauren decided to go back to their roots and share an Irish dance with their wedding guests, in this video from 2013.

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Ireland is a beautiful country that boasts scenic landscapes, stunning geography, regal mountains, and an expansive ocean. For this reason, many call it the Emerald Isle. It is also the home of the most enchanting tales, folklore, and fantastic music, including Celtic Ballad and traditional Irish music.

The video starts with Lauren standing ready on the left side of the room in her little white dress and stockings. She stands in a characteristic Irish dance pose with one foot crossing the other, and Chris stands on the opposite side of the room.

The Music Comes On

The floor is empty and ready for Chris and Lauren and so are their lively guests. Before they start, the guests are also on their feet, cheering with their phones out and ready to record the priceless moment. When a signature Irish tune comes on, Lauren tiptoes into the stage, pushing herself out of the corner with stiff kicks, moving with a light springing step, twirling and dazzling over the entire floor. Her dancing is fantastic and enchanting and is evidence of years of practice and the love for her Irish roots and heritage.

Pure Magic

Lauren has a fun time jumping and kicking across the floor as she warms it up for their couple dance. Cheers fill the room from her guests as her husband watches her in awe, probably thinking that "she must be the one." She makes everyone, including her ancestors, proud of her moves, and charisma. And Chris was right; she was the one for him.

According to a comment left by Lauren on Youtube, they are still married six years since their wedding and have built a beautiful life for themselves and their family. Lauren exits the stage right on time as Chris takes center stage in his stunning suit and black tap dancing shoes. He starts in a cross foot similar to how Lauren began and proceeded to show off his best moves.

Chris is a tall and strong lad who looks like he spends lots of time in the gym. And despite this, he is light on his feet; his moves are fast and smooth. The crowd loves to watch him leap, twirl, tap dance, and even incorporate some hip action. His friends are beside themselves, and they cheer and whistle with almost every move. He knows he is smooth and does not hesitate to give a little smile without breaking the rhythm of his dance.

The Couple Dance

Lauren joins her husband on stage, and the newlyweds wow their guests with a perfectly harmonized partner dance. They bounce, skip, tap, and hop simultaneously, and it is such a magical moment to watch. Their coordination is evidence that the two were made for one another, and their year-long practice truly paid off.

This beautiful couple keeps their guests engaged from beginning to the end of their dance. They have them wishing they could join in. They gave the guests an unforgettable gift and showed how well they go together. Chris and Lauren gave an outstanding performance, and it is hard to sit still while watching.

It is even harder to resist wishing them the best in their marriage. Let us know your thoughts on their wonderful dance in the comments, then spread the cheer and have somebody wish they'd been invited to the wedding.

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