Breeder Sent Him Away To A Shelter Because He Was 'Too Big To Sell' But Now He's An Internet Star

Many dog breeders are only in the business for the money. They force animals to live in very unhealthy conditions just so they can make a quick buck.

That is exactly what happened to Bertram, or Bert, the chocolate Pomeranian.

He was left behind because breeders thought he would be too hard to sell due to his “big” size.

Bert had been dumped off at a shelter in Sallisaw, Oklahoma when he was only 5-months-old.

The shelter added him to Petfinder, a huge listing of animals up for adoption online, hoping someone would fall in love with him.

It worked! Kathy Grayson, an artist in New York City, said she fell in love with something she saw in the dog’s eyes.

Grayson flew all the way out to Tulsa to pick up the young puppy. She said everyone at the shelter was sad to see him go but also happy that he had found a great home.

But the little doggie needed a bit of a “makeover” before flying back to the Big Apple.

He was given a fancy name and some adorable new bow ties.

Now Bert has a beautiful, loving home and a “career” in an art gallery. Thousands of people love and compliment him on social media, as well.

Grayson says that Bert was thrilled to be part of the art world. He has traveled with her to all kinds of openings, art fairs, and more. He has been to Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and even Canada. He loves to be included and people love to include him!

Bert has his own Instagram page with 135,000 followers. His adorable teddy bear-like look has people showering him with affection all day long!

When he isn’t showing off on Instagram, Bert travels with his mother to the art gallery. People are constantly coming in to see the art and say hi to Bert.

Grayson says that Bert is the “unofficial mascot” of the gallery. He is definitely a sight to see!

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