Breathtaking Gypsy Vanner Horse Stands Out From The Rest

Jun 26, 2020 by apost team

Pearlie King is a happy and beloved member of the Stillwater Farm family in Cashiers, North Carolina. This lovely Gypsy Vanner horse is, like all Gypsy Vanners, a small draft horse. His breed comes from England, and his forebears were bred to haul the small peddler carts used by Gypsy families.

A Small Draft Horse

The Gypsy Vanner line has some similarities with larger draft horses. As you can note when you see him in action, Pearlie King has a long flowing mane and tail, as well as feathered feet. However, while the traditional Clydesdale stands at 18 hands, the Gypsy Vanner small draft horse is 15 hands high.

A hand is approximately 4 inches, and horses are measured at the top of the front shoulder or at the withers. Thus, a Clydesdale is about 6 feet at the shoulder and a Gypsy Vanner is about 5 feet.

Standard Vs. Unique

Pearlie King is known for his coat pattern, but those who know horses are most impressed with his head shape and lovely personality. It's important to note that Gypsy Vanners are not bred for color. While they all have the long mane and tail, they can be any color, from pure white to pure black or light, dark or blood bay or brown.

Pearlie King is famous for his black and white markings, not unlike a Holstein cow. He is precisely 15.1 hands tall.

His Line Continues

Pearlie King is father to several horses, either still part of the Stillwater Farm herd or sold to other Gypsy Vanner families. While they each display his remarkable head and his sweet personality, each is a unique color. There are many which have black and white markings, as well as a full black stallion. As of 2020, Pearlie King is 11 years old, according to Stillwater Farm's website.

Pearlie king has a strong, glossy black chest and white front feet. His back legs are entirely white. Both the right and left withers are white, with a large black patch just behind the withers on both sides. His rump is white but for the area around the base of the tail, and his tummy is black. This patch wraps up around his back but doesn't touch; his whole spine is white. From the front, both ears are black. However, from the back, his right is black and the left is white.

Watch Him in Action

In motion, Pearlie King is exquisite. His footwork is clean and smooth. Like all draft horses, he has a charming "lift and flick" to his front feet when he runs. His well-exercised body is excellently balanced, and his remarkably well-shaped head is pristinely held. The lush white mane and foot feathers flow easily as he runs, as does his coal-black tail. It's no wonder that his offspring are considered some of the finest of the breed.

The Gypsy Vanner breed is highly specialized. Those who own and breed these horses are rightly proud of their remarkable charges. Pearlie King is an excellent representation of the quality of this breed.

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