Brave 5-Year-Old Saves Baby Sister From Burning Home & Hurries Back To Rescue His Other Family Members

Jun 02, 2023 by apost team

We’ve heard several stories about kids doing heroic deeds throughout the years. It can be surprising at times, especially if the kid has done something almost impossible for his age. But one child proved yet again that kids could really become heroes, not just on the big screen – regardless of the circumstances.

In 2020, a 5-year-old named Noah Woods won the hearts of many after he saved not just one but seven people – including himself and other members of his household – during a fire. It’s probably a story most people would find unbelievable.

Noah’s mom had awakened after the dog barked endlessly while they were asleep. Then, she saw smoke coming from her son’s room. They didn’t have a smoke detector at home, so she would never have woken up if not for the dog. So, she and her husband immediately went to the kids’ room, eventually burning some parts of his hair. But they weren’t there. So, they went outside to the window of the kids’ room. Surprisingly enough, they saw them outside.

Noah’s dad couldn’t help but feel emotional to see that his kids were alive. Shaking and almost in tears, he told 11Alive: “My son walks up holding his sister and his dogs in his arms.”

Apparently, Noah was brave enough to act right away and save himself and his 2-year-old sister Lily and brought her outside. Of course, he didn’t forget about their dog, which became instrumental in waking his mom up. But he did not stop there. He went on to alert their relatives living on the same property.

An 11Alive report said flames quickly spread through the home of Noah’s family after an overloaded socket sparked a fire.

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A fire officer praised Noah’s valiant act. “That’s amazing. Because a lot of adults wouldn’t have acted that calmly and that quickly to be able to do that,” the fire officer said.

Noah, seemingly unaware of how big of a deal his actions were, only had this to say when asked about what he did to save his sister: “I picked her up,” he simply said in an interview with NBC Nightly News.

Meanwhile, Noah’s grandfather David Woods started a fundraiser following the unfortunate incident.

“We are planning to rebuild and will likely need to stay in a motel for some time and likely rent a small house while we work to earn funding and build,” David wrote at that time.

He has since raised $35,789 of the $75,000 goal since then.

Of course, Noah received much-deserved recognition for his selfless act of bravery that saved several lives. In February 2020, Noah became an honorary firefighter at Bartow County in the state of Georgia.

Although Noah didn’t get an official firefighter uniform that would fit him, the fire department gave him special tokens, including firefighter pajamas, an official department badge, and a Life-Saving Valor Award for his act of bravery. To top it all, every Valentine’s Day in Bartow County had been declared Noah Woods Day.

While it was Noah who saved the family, his mom also deserved some credit as she had taught her son about fire safety even before the incident occurred. Still, Noah had indeed proven that even kids can be heroes, too!

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