Brave 13-Year-Old Boy Saves His 8-Year-Old Sister From Being Taken By Using A Slingshot

May 26, 2023 by apost team

A 13-year-old boy named Owen Burns displayed extraordinary bravery and resourcefulness when he used a slingshot to stop a would-be kidnapper who was attempting to abduct his 8-year-old sister. 

The incident took place in their backyard within the Alpena Township in Michigan on May 10, 2023. Owen's sister had ventured further to search for mushrooms when an unidentified male suspect, later identified as a 17-year-old, suddenly emerged from the woods and grabbed her. 

Owen, who was playing a video game at the time, heard his sister scream and rushed to the window to investigate. Initially thinking it was his sister's friends playing a prank, Owen soon realized the seriousness of the situation when he heard another scream. 

Without hesitation, the 13-year-old grabbed his trusty slingshot and loaded it with a marble and a gravel rock. Taking careful aim, he launched the projectiles at the assailant, hitting him in the head and chest and causing visible injuries from almost 200 meters away. The impact of Owen's accurate shots allowed his sister to break free from the kidnapper's grasp and seek safety inside their home. 

In an interview with Washington Post, the teenager said that his mom bought him the slingshot a few years ago for $3 at a clearance sale. He has been practicing his aim using cans of orange juice in their backyard. 

Owen admitted to CNN that he felt scared as the attempt on her sister unfolded. However, he knew he had to do something to help her, or the worst thing could have happened. 

Once she was safe at home, Owen yelled and cursed at the injured kidnapper running away from them. He tried to hurl a baseball bat but missed. He attempted a third shot, but his slingshot's band broke; thus, the culprit got away.

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Injured and disoriented, the boy fled into the nearby woods but was later apprehended and charged by state troopers after attempting to hide at a nearby gas station. His injuries were too obvious, inflicted by a slingshot. 

"I grab my slingshot and open the window and I grab two things a marble and a gravel rock or something," Owen told CBS. "I was just lucky. He's just a big target because he's not like one Pepsi can.”

The children’s mother, Margaret Burns, learned of what happened after getting a call from the police at work, and she praised her son for his bravery. Dad Andrew Burns said that his son has always been a "good shot," as he used to play Nerf and BB guns when he was 7 or 8 years old. 

Law enforcement officials praised Owen for his quick thinking and heroic actions, acknowledging that he played a crucial role in saving his sister from a potentially tragic outcome. Lieutenant John Grimshaw of the Michigan State Police described Owen's response as "extraordinary" and suggested that he may have even saved his sister's life.

Since the incident, Owen has received an outpouring of support from his neighbors and the community. While grateful for the generosity he has received, Owen humbly acknowledged that he was merely doing what he felt was right.

The Burns family hopes that their story serves as a reminder to others that vigilance and quick action can make a significant difference in the face of danger. They also expressed their gratitude for the community's support during this challenging time.

This incident could have ended a different way if not for the quick-thinking 13-year-old boy. What can you say about Owen Burns’ heroic act? Pass this story along to friends or family. More people should know of this young hero’s story!

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