Brantley Gilbert Releases Tear-Jerking Song That Exposes Horrible Heartbreak

Brantley Gilbert is a well-known country singer that leaves his audiences in awe. His songs tend to be rock and veer clear of the emotional side. His cool demeanor paints him as a carefree musician.

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Recently, Gilbert released one of his secret songs that have never been released before. The song has so much emotion and heartbreak it leaves the listeners in tears. It is by far one of Gilbert's most raw pieces he has ever released. Fans adore this song due to its drastic contrast from his heavy rock songs.

The song is called "You Promised" and is about a couple that is about to get married. How romantic right? Marriage is great! No, that's not the case in Gilbert's song. Instead of a happy ending, the couple is calling off the marriage and breaking up.

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The premise of the song is already heartbreaking enough, but it just gets even sadder.

One of the people in the relationship doesn't want things to end while the other person wants to break up. The song follows the perspective of the person who wants to fight for their relationship. The song tells the chilling story of how it feels to beg someone to stay with you, even when their heart has left. The song also dives into other issues that come up when the idea of breaking up is constant in a relationship.

What makes the song even more spectacular is that it is coming from Gilbert's own experience. In an interview he did in 2015 he stated that he only writes songs from personal experiences. He says that songs like these stand out the most due to their authenticity.

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Knowing that Gilbert went through such a tough time really humanizes the singer. At times, celebrities can seem like another species. But most people can relate to having their heart broken. Many fans applaud the singer for releasing such a personal piece.

Tell us your opinion! Do you love or hate the song? Do you think Gilbert should release more personal songs?