Boyfriend Journeys 1,500 Miles In Order To Surprise Girlfriend In Teddy Suit — But He Finds Her In Arms Of Another Man

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

A hopelessly romantic man in China has found out the hard way that long-distance relationships often end up in disappointment. A video was uploaded on Twitter in 2019 that shows the man wearing a teddy bear costume approach his girlfriend at a food stall in a shopping center.

The video, which has gone viral, shows him take off his bear head and quickly walking away when he sees his girlfriend in the arms of another man. We weren’t able to trace the origin of the video but we found it on the internet and loved it!

The girl quickly disengages from the embrace of the man and chases after her costumed boyfriend. The dejected man had traveled almost 1500 miles to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday in an adorable costume, according to McGill Media. The video shows the girl trying to hug the man as he walked away, but her efforts were deflected like a bear might shoo away an annoying insect.

A man who took pictures of the incident on the scene uploaded images that showed other details of the incident. After fending off the cheating girlfriend, the man put the bear head back on to perhaps hide the tears brought on by the disappointing reunion with his lost love.

Over 80,000 people have given likes to the Tweets about the story, and people have responded with compassion about the incident. One person noted the emotion conveyed when the man puts his bear head back on with a posture of sadness. What could have been a joyous reunion on a girl's birthday ended in bitter disappointment.

Do you think this event is a testament to the typical fate of long-distance relationships? Let us know your thoughts, and send the word out to friends and family members to gain support for the man as he deals with his sorrow.