Boy! You Can Feel The Heat In This Magic Men Take on Florida Georgia Line

If you've seen the Magic Men, then you know that things can get a little steamy when you're in the same room with them. The group of men recently took on a song made popular by Florida Georgia Line, blowing viewers away with their movements and voices.

The men are dressed in white shirts that eventually got ripped off, jeans, and cowboy boots. This performance is one that will brighten your mood whether you've had a long day or whether you've had a great day and you're looking for something to watch before going to bed.

In the event that you're not into the whole country music scene or watching men remove their shirts and dance in a steamy fashion, then you can still listen to the song and maybe even get a few dance ideas.

While you're watching the men dance in a farm, you can get a few glimpses of their hip movements as they shake everything there is to see and sway to the music in the background. Chances are there's a white tank top or a white shirt around your house as well that you can wear with a pair of jeans and boots to match the look that the men have.

As you watch the men, there's a chance that you're going to need some cold water and a towel to dry the sweat off of your brow. Each movement to the song by Florida Georgia Line is carefully coordinated. The men start off wearing flannel shirts, but by the end of the song, there's nothing left on their strapping but jeans, a cowboy hat, and boots.

Their bodies glisten in the sunlight while they're moving. There is quite a bit of energy that the men exhibit, but there's also a sense of care and sensuality that is displayed as well. These men create videos that are posted on social media sites so that you can watch them at any time. They have a variety of videos that range from fast movements to those that are slow and make you want to jump through the screen to dance in their arms. 

If you have the time, consider going to one of the Magic Men experiences at night for ladies. While you're there, you'll have a chance to listen to them sing and watch them dance. There's also a chance to touch a few of the men.

Watch these strapping young men as they strut their stuff on the grass! Show this to your friends, so they can enjoy this video, too!