Boy With Autism Who Began Talking Because Of 'Iron Man' Meets Robert Downey Jr.

Vincent Arumbula was diagnosed with autism. As a young child, he was non-verbal. That all changed however when he got an Iron Man mask.

As he is a huge fan of the Avengers movies, the boy's parents bought him the Iron Man mask, and Vincent suddently began talking and was a changed character within 24 hours.

Here the grateful parents meet the star who played the iconic role, Robert Downey Jr, on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Fans of the Avengers feel that Downey Jr. has been perfect for the role of Tony Stark. No one is in more agreement than this 10-year-old boy Vincent Arambula. 

In a video clip that has gone wildly viral in YouTube, Arambula went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain his fascination with Iron Man.

Jared Siskin / Contributor/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

When he was just one year old, Arambula was diagnosed with autism; he became withdrawn to the point of not talking anymore to anyone.

Naturally, his parents were devastated, but then something happened when he turned six years of age. He discovered Iron Man through the Marvel films, and be became animated. By the time his parents gave him an Iron Man toy helmet, Arambula started talking.

When Downey Jr. found out about little Vincent, he appeared on the Ellen show and meet him. Arambula has improved to the point that he knows the actor plays Tony Stark. Downey Jr. met with Arambula and his parents before doing something that Stark might have done: giving the family $20,000 for medical expenses.

The video is incredible! Pass it onto your friends especially anyone who is a fan of the iconic films or has experiences with autism.