Boy With Autism Can't Get A Job, So He Becomes An Entrepreneur And Starts His Own Business

When you’re just starting out, finding a job can be very difficult. Whether you have difficulty writing the perfect cover letter or knowing what to say in an interview, nailing your first job can be tough. The process of finding a job can be even more difficult if you have a disability. One teenage boy with autism recently proved that he will not let his condition affect his ability to have a normal, productive life.

Clay Lewis of Brisbane, Australia has had major difficulty in finding an after-school job. Speaking with reporters from the Daily Mail Australia, Clay’s mom, Laura Lewis, said that employers often made prejudicial assumptions about Clay due to the way he spoke during job interviews. Laura says that Clay has an unbelievable work ethic but nonetheless struggled for two years to find a job. Knowing better than to place limitations on Clay, Laura and her husband, Warren, brainstormed ideas on how to help Clay find a way to enter the workforce. Seeking the advice of an autism specialist, Laura and Warren reasoned that Clay could find success by starting his own business.

Since Laura and Warren helped him, Clay's business, Clay’s Bin Cleaning, has been a major success. Each day after school, Clay cleans garbage bins for his clients, charging $10 for the first bin and $5 for each subsequent bin. Speaking with reporters, Clay said that part of the reason Clay’s Bin Clean has been so successful is that there is virtually no competition in his area. Continuing, Clay says that the job can often be difficult. During the summer months, Clay must contend with bins that have very foul odors. Laura said that as a person with autism, Clay is very sensitive to smells and that getting past the awful odors emanating from some of the bins was a major challenge.

Laura says that she is very happy that Clay has been able to find success in his business. In addition to teaching him independence and valuable communication skills, Laura is happy that Clay will have something to do once he finishes school. Clay’s Bin Cleaning has become so successful that Clay had to hire three of his fellow classmates to help him perform bin cleaning services for his 70 clients. Clay says that the secret to success in the business world is to make your client happy and go beyond expectations.

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