Boy Made Fun Of For ‘Looking Like A Girl’ Reveals His Long Blonde Hair Is For A Cancer Charity

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

In November 2019, a nine-year-old Kit Porritt from Suffolk, United Kingdom chopped off 10 inches of his hair to donate it to a cancer charity. He had endured two years of teasing and bullying for looking like a girl because of his long-flowing blonde hair.

His Inspiration

Kit reveals that he was initially inspired to grow his hair by the late Nirvana rock band singer, Kurt Cobain, shared Metro. For this reason, Kit said,

“I wasn’t bothered by the jokes. Many people thought I looked like a girl, but maybe they just haven’t ever seen a picture of Kurt Cobain before.”

However, soon after he had started, he heard about a little girl suffering from cancer and whose hair was falling out due to chemotherapy. The story made him sad, and he had a change of heart when his mom told him if he kept growing his hair, he could donate it to be made into a wig. He thought it to be a cool thing. He kept his newfound 'why' from everyone, including his mom, and only told her after one and a half years. Ellen Widdup was stunned by her son’s noble intentions. At the same time, she understood how this was possible.

“He is brave and bold, stubborn, and determined. But he is also exceptionally empathetic and sensitive, so this kind of endeavor is right up his street,” she described him. It now also made sense why Kit had been so resilient during his hair-growing journey.

The mom says Kit has never been the kind of kid to conform. “We lost track of how often he was mistaken for a girl; we even gave up correcting people, but when he was asked to do some modeling for a girls’ clothing brand, he thought that was utterly hysterical,” Ellen explained in the same interview with Metro.

Time for the Big Chop

When asked why he did not explain his intentions, he said,

“I’ve pretty much kept it a secret because I wanted my friends to get a shock when I walked into school looking completely different.”

And he did! Kit cut his 10-inch long hair last year in November at a local salon. His mom documented the entire process on her Instagram and wrote a caption saying, “I’m unbelievably proud of this kid. For two years, he has been growing his hair.

Regularly, he has been mistaken for a girl, been called names, or teased for a ponytail; every time, he has shrugged it off.” The hair was donated to the UK charity named The Little Princess Trust. The trust has been providing free wigs to children who lose their hair due to chemotherapy since 2006.

Everyone was Stunned

The youngster looks like a completely new person with his short sides and back. The big chop did not only shock his classmates but he also became an internet sensation when his mother’s post went viral.

People in the comment section were so impressed and left all manner of heart-warming messages; others even called him an angel. Apart from being proud of her son’s transformation, Ellen is relieved that she can take a break from brushing out the tangles every morning.

You have probably heard of girls doing such acts for charity, but it’s extremely rare to see a boy do this. His nobility is admirable; it is the reason he was able to ignore the teasing, bullying, and mistaken-identity moments while keeping his secret. The world is a better place because of kids like Kit. Has anybody in your circle of friends and family ever done something like this?