Boy Finds Newborn Under Christmas Tree, Breaks Down When He Reads Her Shirt

Dec 21, 2018 by apost team

It seems that the holidays are always the time when we hear some of the most precious stories of the year. While many people seem to get burdened under the weight of choosing the perfect gift, one 10-year-old boy received the most touching early Christmas gift that you will ever see!

There is always some type of sibling rivalry within a family. Siblings may not get along perfectly, or they may spend time vying for the attention of their parents. Kids may see their younger siblings as clingy during earlier years.

However, as most siblings grow, they learn to foster a relationship that calls a truce to any previous squabbles as they learn to become friends instead of just siblings. There was no case of sibling rivalry for 10-year-old Owynn.

In fact, he has been asking his parents for a younger and sister and brother for years. He even added a sibling to his Christmas wish list this year, hoping Santa could nudge the process along.

Oywnn’s parents, Adam and Stacey Lindsay, had a sibling for him on their Christmas list as well. They always wanted a second child. Stacey was one of 14 kids in her family, and both she and her husband wanted Owynn to have at least one sibling to grow up with. However, the process wasn’t going as planned.

The couple had suffered through five difficult miscarriages before trying in-vitro. That process was unsuccessful. The couple then turned to the idea of becoming foster parents. They quickly realized how heartbreaking it would be to bring a child into their home, only to have to give that child up after loving and nurturing the child for a period of time.

They decided it was in the best interest of their family to forgo the route of becoming foster parents, much to Owynn’s dismay.

Stacey and Adam soon met a young woman named Kendra. She was pregnant and seeking to put her baby up to be adopted. Kendra selected Stacey and Adam to adopt her baby. However, the couple knew that the process would be a long one.

They held off on delivering the possible news to Owynn, knowing that Kendra could always change her mind. She did not. On December 8, the couple officially took home baby Naylee.

When Owynn arrived home from school that day, he found an incredible surprise. Naylee was bundled up in a baby seat under the Christmas tree. As Owynn looked down at her shirt, he saw that it had the words Little Sister on it. The young boy was incredibly joyful as he held his new baby sister for the first time.

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