Boy Donates County Fair Livestock Winnings of $15,000 To Children's Hospital

Winning big money is a dream come true for most people. Usually, when someone wins a large sum of money they immediately go out and buy a big screen TV or plan a luxury vacation. That wasn’t that case for a 7th grade student in Ohio, who wanted to use the money he won to help others.

Diesel Pippert of Huron County is very serious for a 12-year-old. Ever since he was young, Diesel has shown an affinity for animals, often raising and entering livestock into the Huron County Fair.

Speaking with reporters from CNN, Diesel’s mother, Erin Sanders, says that her son has entered cows, dairy steer, and pigs at the fair each year since he was 9. This year, Diesel entered a hog into the county auction, but he had special plans for what he was going to do with the earnings he got from the animal.

Diesel had heard of an earlier news report of a teenager from nearby Medina County who had donated the $11,000 proceeds of the sale of his hog to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee and wanted to follow the young man’s example. Proceeds from auctions usually go to the expenses incurred from raising and feeding the animal, but Diesel felt that it was more important to help kids facing terrible illnesses.

Going to the auction hall, Diesel told the bidders of his plans for the money and they were more than willing to help the young man make a difference in the lives of the kids at St. Jude’s. Bidding started out at $500 and climbed to a massive haul of $15,000, which was promptly sent to the children’s hospital.

Despite his generosity, Diesel isn’t done helping the kids of St. Jude’s. He and his family are planning a trip to the hospital where they will be giving the patients there new toys and games.

Diesel has been celebrated for his kindness in the media since news of his $15,000 donation was first reported at the fair. Rodge Wilson, superintendent of Western Reserve Schools, the school district that Diesel is a student in, praised the young man for his kindness, calling him a hero in a post on the district’s Facebook page.

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