Boy Contacts Father On Doorbell Camera For “Emergency” That Has Dad Laughing Out Loud

Mar 07, 2019 by apost team

Today’s kids are growing up with numerous advanced technologies at their fingertips, but they do not always use that technology as expected or intended. One little boy creatively used a Ring doorbell to reach out to his dad in a hilarious way.

This boy had been at a neighbor’s house with his mother, and he wanted to return home ahead of her. She agreed to let him walk back home, telling him to turn on the TV and that she would be home in just a few minutes.

When the boy arrived home, however, he had no idea what channel his children’s shows were on.

Rather than walk back to the neighbor’s house to ask his mother, he took a more creative approach by turning to technology.

This boy had witnessed his father communicate with other people through their Ring doorbell, so he decided to summon his father from the front porch.

The Ring captured the boy peering into its camera and calling for his father several times. As soon as his dad answers, the boy tells his dad that he loves him.

After exchanging words of affection, the boy cuts to the chase and asks him how to get his programs on the TV. The boy specifically mentioned that he wanted to turn on the TV “in the house” to ensure that there was no confusion. His father tells him to turn on the TV and tune to channel 25.

Unfortunately, the boy needs more clarification as he doesn’t “know what channel 25 looks like.”

After his father tells him to push the two and the five buttons on the remote control, the boy peers closer to the Ring’s camera and sends a few adorable kisses his father’s way before heading inside the house.

This entire adorable interaction has been captured on video and is available for you to view.

Watch the hilarious video footage below:

Doorbell video devices have captured some truly unique scenes in recent years. Have you had any incredible experiences that you were lucky enough to capture on camera? We are eager to learn about your story, so please leave the details in the space below and show this fun story to your friends!