Boy Born With 'No Brain' Defies Odds To Live After It 'Grew Back'

Mar 13, 2019 by apost team

The human body truly is an amazing thing. We have the inherent ability to heal ourselves, which is something that Noah knows all too much about.

Noah, a young boy born in the United Kingdom, was born with just two percent of his brain. Essentially, his brain was about two percent of the size that a normal brain would be for a child of his age.

His parents were told they should consider terminating the pregnancy at least five times before he was eventually born. His parents have told Good Morning Britain that they believe many parents would have likely terminated the pregnancy.

The outlook appeared extremely bleak, but Noah's parents decided they wanted to give him a chance at life. As it turns out, they made an unbelievably good decision, as Noah has made a massive recovery.

After just three years of life, his brain grew to about eighty percent, which truly is a miracle. Not only has his brain recovered in terms of the overall size, but his parents have stated that he is a very intelligent boy.

Doctors are unsure as to what caused his brain to be so small in size at birth. They speculate that his brain may have been squeezed while he was in the womb, which may have led to the predicament.

While it is an amazing thing that Noah is fully healthy and will likely have a completely normal life, there are a ton of benefits that now befall upon the medical community.

The regrowth of Noah's brain can now be looked at as a case study, where his story may affect the decision other parents make in the future. Rather than being told that there is little chance for recovery, doctors may refer to this case and advise parents who are in the same situation differently.

Based on the fact that Noah was able to recover completely, other babies may now be given a chance at life. While no parent wants to think about this type of situation as something that could end up happening to them, no one knows what is around the corner. There is no certainty when it comes to pregnancy.

We're glad Noah made a miraculous recovery! Do you know of anyone who went through a pregnancy despite being advised otherwise? We would love to hear your stories, so make sure to let us know in the comments, and pass this along to your friends and family!