Boxer Hears Sister's Cry For The First Time And Immediately Comes To Her Aid

Aug 02, 2020 by apost team

A video posted in 2012 shows Bella, a Boxer, coming to the aid of her newborn human sister, Malina, as soon as she starts crying.

When couples are preparing to welcome a new baby into the world, one of their biggest concerns is often how the newborn will be received by their animals. Often, parents-to-be find themselves considering rehoming their dogs because they are afraid that they will harm the tiny child. Thankfully, this isn’t always the case! The Boxer dog, Bella, is proving that, sometimes, dogs can provide pretty good companions for babies. 

When little Malina came home from the hospital, her parents were apprehensive about the way that their dog, Bella, would accept the addition to the family.

The parents opted to keep Malina in her crib and see how things worked out. It wasn’t long before the parents discovered that Bella was going to be Malina’s biggest supporter and best friend! You can see their new friendship in the home video footage captured by Malina’s parents.

In the video, Malina is lying in bed sleeping and Bella is stationed under her crib, exactly where she needs to be to provide protection!

One of the parents lifts the blanket on baby Malina, waking her up when her warm snuggly blanket is removed. When Malina wakes up, she begins to cry. This is where things get adorable!

Bella rushes out from under the crib so that she is standing in the middle of the floor and begins to cry along with the baby. It’s almost like she wants to ensure that Malina gets the attention that she needs and wants her parents to take notice!

In Bella’s voice, it’s easy to see that she’s worried about the new baby and wants someone to take care of her. Her doggy cries also provide the baby with some reassurance that she’s not alone.

Rather than being jealous or scared of the baby, it’s obvious that Bella has already developed a tight bond. The dog won’t leave the side of the crib and constantly remains vigilant, doing whatever is necessary to keep the precious newborn safe. 

While the video is several years old, Malina’s mom notes in the video description that her daughter and Bella are still close friends. As Malina grew older, Bella continued to follow her everywhere, sleeping in the little girl’s room and letting the parents know when anything was wrong.

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