Boss Punishes Employee For Time Off After Mother’s Passing, Worker Destroys The Business

Nov 25, 2021 by apost team

Going to work isn’t usually everyone’s favorite way to spend most of their day, but it’s something that needs to get done to pay the bills. Having a great boss and fun co-workers can definitely help make the week go by faster and can even make working feel enjoyable. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have this type of work environment, as some are stuck dealing with cruel bosses.

Sharing his story on the r/ProRevenge forum on Reddit in August 2020, a man revealed just how horrible his former boss treated him and what he did to seek revenge. Although the story took place 20 years ago, it’s something that the original poster (OP) has kept with him ever since. 

The OP was a great worker and found his job as a brewer at the brewery he worked at to be relatively easy for the most part, although he didn’t get a lot of time off. When he finally got some vacation time, it unfortunately lined up around the time his mother passed, so he needed to ask his boss for more days off.

However, the OP’s boss was not happy about this, and he not only publicly showed his frustration, but he also began to punish the OP. He even started not paying him for his full hours. Once the OP realized what was going on, he hatched a plan to make sure that his crude boss would pay for all of his wrongdoings. His goal was to take this man down and destroy his entire business.

Working With A Tough Boss

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In his Reddit post, the OP explained that his job at a brewpub was pretty easy for the most part. Before he was hired, his boss had purchased used brewery equipment which was sometimes tricky to use and was much larger than it needed to be. The OP explained, “But I made it work, even got the stupid Ringwald yeast to behave.” 

He only needed to brew about three or four times a month and was on salary, so his boss began making him work extra hours as a night manager to work enough to earn his pay. “That was fine, it was an easy gig,” the OP said. After being with the company for over a year, he finally got his first vacation, much to his boss’s dismay.

“But life was stressful, not least of which because my Mom was in hospice, Stage 4 cancer,” the  OP revealed. However, his mom insisted that he use his vacation for himself, so the OP and his wife went camping for a week. During that time, he found out that his mom had passed away and immediately drove the six hours back home.

The OP informed his boss about what happened and explained that he wouldn’t be able to work that upcoming Monday. He later found out that his boss had not taken the news well and even complained about the fact that the OP would most likely need more time off in the future to deal with his mother’s death. Although the OP went back to work that Tuesday, he ended up taking some extra time off to be with his family during that difficult time.

Getting His Revenge

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The OP’s boss wanted him to work extra hours to make up for the time he took off. “He wanted me to come in after my Mom’s funeral,” he said. “I flatly refused.” The OP was so angry with his boss that he decided to stop working manager shifts and switched to become an hourly worker. It seemed like everything was going well until the OP noticed that his boss wasn’t paying him in full, cheating him out of around 20 hours in just six weeks.

The OP had had enough and hatched a plan to ruin his boss’ business. He explained that yeast had to be harvested from a fermenting batch to use to brew later. It was stored for a while but had to be used within 30 days. Rather than making sure everything was fine with the last batch he brewed, the OP left it alone and lied about brewing more batches.

When his boss found out, he was furious. “On day 45, after I got the check for the last hours I worked, I overnighted my keys in with a resignation letter,” the OP said. “He called me the next day, screaming.” His boss would later discover empty fermenters, nearly-empty serving tanks, dead yeast and barely any grain, adding up to a complete disaster for his business. About a year later, the entire company went under.

The OP’s plan went just as perfectly as he had pictured it, and he now has a story he’s continued to share. “Drove through there a few years back, not only gone but building was torn down,” he said. “I felt like stopping to sow the ground with salt, but I was in a hurry.”

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What did you think about this employee’s revenge story? Have you ever had to quit a job? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family and friends, too.

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