Boss Pays 69-Year-Old Employee's Mortgage So He Can Retire 1 Year Early

Reaching retirement age is no guarantee that a person will be financially ready to retire. For all too many aging workers, the vision of retirement is dissolved by the harsh reality of rising expenses.

Albert Brigas, a 69-year old Vietnam veteran, was a prime example of this common yet sad phenomenon. He couldn't afford to retire because he still needed to pay off his mortgage. That's when a Good Samaritan stepped in to transform the veteran's life for the better.

Albert's boss, Rudy Quinones, considered Albert like a member of his own family. The extremely generous owner of Renown Auto Restoration in San Antonio, Texas, found out that the only obstacle standing between this faithful employee and retirement was an extra $5,000 owed on his home mortgage.

According to Goodmorning America, Rudy jumped at the chance to pay off Albert's mortgage so he could afford to retire. Brigas had worked hard for his boss as an auto mechanic for 13 years. Quinones admired the diligent worker and appreciated his past service in the United States military. He saw paying off Albert's mortgage as a way to give back to one who has done so much for others.

Brigas was both amazed and thankful for the kindness of his boss. He told Good Morning America that Rudy is a "great guy." Like any loyal employee would, Albert let his boss know with plenty of advance notice that he was hoping to retire. When Rudy found out that Albert was only going to be able to retire once his mortgage was paid off, he asked how much more money was left to pay. Then he arranged with Albert's bank to pay off the entire balance.

Rudy wanted Albert to know how special he was to him and to the company. Brigas and his wife Sylvia are now happily spending their golden years of retirement together. Rudy hopes that other bosses who find out about this situation will follow his example and help their faithful employees out in whatever ways they can.

What are your thoughts about this generous boss's incredible gift? Do you agree that he did a great job of honoring a loyal employee and veteran? Do you wish there were more bosses like Rudy out there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section! Pass this heartwarming story along to your friends and family. Hopefully, Albert's story will inspire everyone to look for ways to be a blessing to others.