Bone Broth Is More Than Just a Trend - It's a Superfood

As its name implies, bone broth is a broth made of animal bones, which might not sound very appealing. But there's a good reason that bone broth has been taking the world of nutrition by storm: it's incredibly good for you. It's also rich, delicious, and perfect for using in a wide variety of recipes. Are you on board yet? 

When you simmer animal bones, like a chicken carcass, in water, all the nutrients in those bones end up in your broth. Bone broth contains electrolytes, collagen, amino acids, and a variety of minerals. Thanks to this nutritional profile, bone broth consumption has been linked to a variety of positive health outcomes, from sleeping better at night to experiencing fewer digestive issues. If you haven't already added bone broth to your everyday diet, here are five reasons why you should. 

1. Bone broth is a great way to fill any nutritional gaps you might have. 

Instead of popping a multivitamin, get your nutrients more naturally by sipping some bone broth. It's rich in minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and collagen, among other things your body needs to stay healthy.

2. Bone broth heals your gut and gives your microbiome a boost. 

The collagen in bone broth contains a number of amino acids that can help heal damage to your intestinal lining. Bone broth also feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, and it can even help you feel less bloated. 

3. Bone broth is great for your skin. 

Collagen isn't just good for your gut - it's also a must for healthy skin. If you want your skin to stay supple, drinking a cup of bone broth every day can help keep you looking youthful and fresh. 

4. Bone broth helps you make gains at the gym. 

The amino acids in bone broth can help your muscles repair themselves more quickly after a workout, leading to quicker recovery times and better muscle gains. 

5. Bone broth builds up your immune system. 

Bone broth contains a number of compounds that strengthen your immune system. If you're prone to getting sick once cold weather rolls around, start drinking bone broth every day as a preventive measure. 

How can you make and use bone broth? 

If you want to incorporate more bone broth into your daily diet, these tips will help you do so easily. 

  • Make your own bone broth. It's simple - just put bones into a pot of water and simmer. Optionally, you can add other ingredients to your broth, like onions, carrots, or bay leaves.
  • Replace one of your daily cups of tea with a cup of bone broth.
  • Use unflavored bone broth protein powder in your baked goods, or add it to smoothies.
  • Try going on a bone broth fast when you feel like you need to detox.

What do you think of this article? Are you going to start eating bone broth more often? Tell us your thoughts! We'd love to hear from you.