Body Language: Which Of These Women Is Hiding Something From You?

May 31, 2019 by apost team

Can you tell which of these women is a liar?

This is a brainteaser for experts in body language. We will attempt to show what a woman really means by her expressions.

Examine this picture closely and see if you can tell which woman is a liar.

Spoiler alert: There might be more than one!!

Can you quickly spot which one of these women is hiding something from you?

Then scroll down and see if you're correct! Check out your body language skills.

Who's lying?

Woman 1

This woman probably isn't hiding anything from you. See how her palms are open? This shows that she is willing to be open and honest with you. Some people who are very good at lying may do this on purpose... so watch out! Thankfully, this isn't the case here.

Woman 2

You have every right to be suspicious of this woman. Check out how she's touching her ear and avoiding eye contact. She is ready to lie to you, or at least ready to stretch the truth! Be careful.

Woman 3

She's very interested in what you have to say. She is carefully analyzing and critiquing your conversation. We can tell by how her head is rested on her chin. We definitely don't think this woman is a liar!

Woman 4

Yes--she's definitely hiding something from you! It's widely believed that liars might cover their mouths when trying to hide the truth.

So we learned that there are not one but two potential liars in this case: woman number 2 and woman number 4. 

Were you able to spot the liar right away? Let us know, and pass this fun puzzle on to your friends!