Body Cam Shows Scary Moment Cop Finds 9-Month-Old Unable To Breathe, Rushes To Save Her Life

There are lots of things that a police officer might expect to do in a day, and being able to give life-saving medical help is one of them. Wendell Dias, a police officer in the NYPD, was first on the scene when a baby was choking, and his training kicked into gear.

On December 23rd, 2018, officer Dias went to a Brownsville apartment, and when he saw the baby he was immediately reminded of the same experience he had with his own daughter. He was able to use that traumatic experience to quickly move into action.

He cleared the baby's throat and started patting her on the back. It worked!

Normally officer Dias would be upset if he ended up with vomit on his jacket when going to a call, but he knew that meant that the baby was breathing again, so he did not mind a bit.

Officers Nick St. Onge and Brian Cappell had similar experiences, and they also were able to save the day.

The sound of the baby crying was one of the sweetest Cappell could have heard, for just as the vomit down officer Dias' back, it meant that the baby was breathing.

Janet Lockridge, the mother of the baby officer Cappell saved, also thought the sound of crying was like that of an angel. We expect our police officers to do all sorts of things, but we are reminded all the time of just what they can face on any day.

You can watch the story in the video below:

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