'Bob The Bike Guy' Is Spending His Last Days Giving Bikes To Children From Low-Income Areas

Dec 06, 2019

Did you have a bike growing up? Many kids are lucky enough to have their own bicycle when they are a child. If you lived near friends, it was great to be able to use your bike to ride back and forth between houses. You could log dozens of miles on your bike without even breaking a sweat back then!

Bob Charland is one man who knows just how important a bicycle can be to a child. He knows that having a bike is an important part of growing up. He also knows that there are many parents who cannot afford to buy their kids new bicycles and helmets. That is why Bob stepped in to help.

Bob is known by many as the "Bike Guy." That's because Bob has made it his personal mission to help low-income families. His organization, Pedal Thru Youth, began 14 years ago. Since then, more than 1,200 children in Connecticut and Massachusetts were given their own new bikes through the generosity of the facility. As you can imagine, Bob is the founder of the company.


As the founder, Bob carefully oversees the efforts that the organization makes to restore bikes and then donate them. The bikes get donated to schools that ere in lower-income areas. They are also given as gifts to many students who are performing well in class.

"A bike represents freedom. Nowadays, kids are so glued to social media devices, video games ... and they're not getting off the couch and getting motivated," he said to Inside Edition. "So the whole idea behind this was to get kids active, get them out in the community.

He has been even more passionate about giving away bikes since he was recently diagnosed with a fatal brain disorder. He has no idea how much longer he has to live, but he plans to give to children as much as possible for as long as he can. He wants to provide a bit of joy to low-income families in the area.

He also hopes that the organization will continue on strong after he is gone. You can learn more about Bob and his organization below in the video:

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